Friday, May 24, 2019

Whites, tan and florals; my favorite Summer Pairing

Summer is around the corner and it's time to start switching out the wardrobe, if you live in a four seasons area like I do. One of my favorite color pairings to wear in spring time is tan, white and florals. I love the color combination because it is crisp and fresh and signifies a transition outfit for spring. The tan (beige, khaki, camel) color symbolizes winter that is just passed and the white signifies summer that is coming up. I also love to add florals to this color pairing and the florals symbolizes spring which is the current season. And let's not forget the straw bags; definitely not too early to start styling them.

In this outfit above, I paired a tan color sweater with a white ruffle linen skirt for a casual look. For my accessories, I wore leopard prints platform sandals and platform sandals are trending again this season so, get all your old platforms out! 😉 I accessorized with a dark brown straw bag and tied a cute little floral scarf on the straps of the bag. To see the original post, check here.

For this look, I paired a white button down long sleeve shirt over tan color or khaki trousers for a casual look. I remember I took the kids out to the library where we spent a few hours and I needed an outfit that was comfortable and chic at the same time. I was in no mood for denim as I did not want to appear too casual. I accessorized the outfit with floral flats and a straw bag; my favorite straw bag. I got the bag as a gift from my older sister years ago;  actually in 2006 when straw bags were not even a trend 😀 And I cherish the bag even more now though I have acquired a few more over the years. I think I should do a post on my straw bag collection in the near future; I just love the trend! 😍 A straw bag is an easy, inexpensive way of updating a summer wardrobe and the fact that straw bags are natural and organic and great for the environment, makes it even better. It's time to start supporting our local artisans and designers. To check out the original post of the above outfit, click here.

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                                Here                                  Here                        Here


                              Here                                 Here                                 Here


Here                                Here                                      Here


                               Here                                Here                     Here


Here                                Here                                     Here

Here                             Here                             Here


                                Here                                     Here                           Here

So, if you have not tried out these color(s) combination yet, just give it a try. If you have that white button down shirt that you always like to pair with denim, consider pairing it with a pair of khaki or beige pants, shorts or skirt this spring and summer. You'll not only be refreshing your wardrobe by trying out this combination, you'll also just be having fun trying out new looks. Check out the original posts of the above pairings here and here and here.


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  1. I love how you styled your tan and white pieces, that's such an elegant colour combo. The floral accessories are a great match with tan and white outfits. You look fantastic. Have a lovely day!

  2. Beige and white always look elegant and you look great! I love love love the floral flats too!

    The Flower Duet

  3. I love wearing light neutrals during the summer months too! I really love your tan long sleeves with white skirt!


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