Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Recent Fashion Find

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know by now that I enjoy thrifting. There is just something about it that is therapeutic for me. I usually go in to the thrift store to get something specific as I did a few weeks ago when I went to Arc's Value Village, my favorite thrift and consignment store in my city. The items I had on my list were neon pieces and accessories and straw bags and blazers in that order. Blazers are always on my list though whenever I go thrifting and most often than not, I always get a good one to add to my collection. Well, on this occasion when I went there recently, I found this neon or lime color cable knit sweater along with the neon green sandals. If you don't know, neon and lime green colors are trending big time this season. I already have a couple of pieces and shoes in this trending color in my closet but just needed a few more to style on the blog. A lady can never have too many shoes, right? 😀 So, it was a nice thrift shopping trip.

And do not think that it is old, worn out pieces that are sold at thrift stores; at least not at the ones I know and Arc's Value Village is one of the thrift stores I visit now and then in the city. They have very good quality items that are donated to them from individuals and local businesses. You can see the neon green sandals in the pictures is new and in very good condition. Even if you are buying used pieces at the thrift store, you can find very unique items like this Vintage Clutch here and also this lovely beaded Clutch here that I got a while back. Stop by your local thrift store if you have never been to one and you will be surprised at what you can find. I'll advice that you start from the décor aisle or accessories department. You can also donate your own clothes and house hold items that you do not have need for anymore; after all, it is spring cleaning time.

If you live in the twin cities, (Minneapolis/St. Paul) you should consider stopping by one of the four locations of Arc's Value Village. There is always something to find at the neat and organized stores and so many good reasons to be a villager (customer). If you want to donate items instead of shopping since it is spring cleaning time, Arc's Value Village thrift and donation Center has a convenient drive-thru at any of their four locations. The thrift store is a non-profit organization that serves people with developmental disabilities and all proceeds from the thrifts stores are used for community development and you will get a tax receipt for your donation. If you do not live in the twin cities, you can follow Arc's Value Village on Facebook. Happy reading, happy thrifting, happy shopping.

*This Post was brought to you in partnership with Arc's Value Village Organization.*

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