Monday, August 17, 2020

National thrift shop day: Four reasons why I thrift


         𐍂eal fashion or style cannot fully be achieved without a mix of high and low pieces and this is the main reason, the very reason why every one should consider thrifting or consignment shopping followed by sustaining and protecting the earth. Even high end designers and stylists do thrifting or flea market shopping or vintage shopping or consignment shopping. Whatever you decide to call it, or how you decide to do it does not matter; it is just important that you consider it. These days, you do not have to go to a physical store like Goodwill to thrift as there are so many thrift stores online like Thred - Up, Porshmark or the The Real Real. Today is "National thrifting day" and I would love to share with you the four reasons why I thrift.

Saving the Environment: 

Over the years, most people have come to realize the harm that over consumption does to our environment and one of the industries where this over consumption or excessive waste occurs is in the fashion industry especially fast fashion. The constant demand and supply of trends results in cheap labor and pollution of our environment by clothing industries. The way to ensure sustainability and protection of our earth is by reducing our excessive shopping habits or buying second hand and vintage pieces. The reduction in demand would slow down the supply and we can gradually save our environment from manufacturing pollution.

Affordable Style:

When we shop second hand or preloved, we save money. All the items in the pictures shared in this post are all thrifted items and each piece cost less than $20 and are all from my local thrift stores. The white pair of square toed Italian loafers by Sesto Meucci were brand new and cost $6. And believe me when I tell you that I save lots of money by thrifting pieces that I incorporate into my wardrobe. With the money I save, I can buy multiple styles of one particular trend without hurting the bank like I did with the denim jackets. I know some people might consider owning three denim jackets excessive but not when all three were purchased for the price of one (if I had shopped at a regular store) and all three jackets are different by the way and their quality is great compared to the cheaply made denim jackets that are rolled out these days even by big time retailers 😊

Unique Wardrobe: 

I have been able to obtain a unique wardrobe through thrifting because I'm able to create a unique style for myself especially through my chic outer wear wardrobe. If you have read my blog for years, you would know that I mostly shop for blazers and outer wear when I go thrifting. As, a result, I have a large and stylish and colorful wardrobe when it comes to coats and jackets. Check out some of my wool coats here and here and here and here. I have thrifted a couple of high quality wool coats over the years for less than $50 a piece as opposed to paying hundreds of dollars for a new one at the store. I send the coats and blazers to dry cleaning after purchase and they are as good as new. If you live in a cold region like I do, investing in outerwear is a must.

Therapeutic hobby:

Thrifting is a therapeutic hobby for me because I get a great of satisfaction from finding a new home or new purpose for pre-loved pieces. In the pictures below, (before and after) you can see that I did some DIY on the old accessory rack that I got from the thrift store. Besides, the lime color sweater was thrifted too from my favorite thrift store in the twin cities, Arc Value Village. I felt that the brown wood was too dated so, I painted it white and it became very modern. I currently have the upcycled rack in my closet and use it for storing my belts, scarfs and light purses or bags that I need to grab quickly as I go out the door. I also use it for staging clothing pieces when I need to take pictures for a blog post like I did here in this post and on Instagram  for #Nationalthriftshopday. Do you have any thrifting tale to tell? Have you ever found a gem at the thrift store? Do share your experience...

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