Tuesday, March 5, 2019

White turtle neck Sweater + Black Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is a closet essential and there are very good reasons why every lady should have one or two in her closet. It is a classic piece that can be dressed up or down, formal or casual and it's so versatile when it comes to styling. I realized last summer that my closet was in need of a black midi pencil skirt and I was on the lookout for an affordable piece of great quality. I talked about this skirt in my recent Winter Wish List and if you need one, check it out here.  For this post, I styled my pencil skirt with a white ribbed turtle neck sweater and a pair of ankle boots. This is a simple way to style a pencil skirt for winter in the winter season. My dark brown wool coat made the pairing of a plain black and white outfit more interesting. I added the red fringe statement earring for a pop of color. The weather was a bit bearable when I wore this outfit so I did not have to wear some tights or stockings. A pair of black knee high boots is a good choice too when it is really cold and you need to add more layers to the outfit.

How is the weather treating you at your end? We had the snowiest February on record in Minnesota and the temperature has not been great either. We have had about six days of school cancelations in the last few weeks because it was just too cold to send the kids off to school and too snowy and windy for school buses. Some people that are able to work from home have been doing that a lot lately too. I just pray that we do not have flooding issues when all this snow starts to melt.

"And talking of prayers, we really have to do that a lot these days. We need God's protection over us and over our family and friends more than ever before. No matter how careful we are with our lives or the way we live, healthy life style and all, we still need God's divine protection and intervention in our every day's situation or life in general."

 I lost a couple of friends lately; one passed from cancer and another in an auto crash and they were both in their forties. I know this is a fashion blog and I try to keep things light most of the time but hey, this is life. Stay warm and safe everyone and see you in my next post. Thanks so much for reading.

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Sweater                      Sweater

Sweater                       Pencil Skirt

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                                                      Boots                             Skirt

                                                Boots                             Earrings

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