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How to have a stress-free Christmas: Lifestyle Edition



       My last post was on how to have a stress-free Christmas: Fashion Edition and this current post deals on lifestyle edition. Now, I'm not talking about what to wear for the holidays but rather how to act in order to have a stress free celebration. I must admit first of all that I am no lifestyle expert but I do have tips that have helped me and I would share them on here. The pictures on this blog post were previously published here on the Blog. And this is also one way I am cutting down on my stress as a fashion blogger; repurposing pictures from my old blog post to create new Christmas content on the blog. So, my tips are as follows;

Acknowledge your stressors:  In order to reduce the stress of a holiday season or any occasion, you first of all have to know what is causing you stress in the first place in order to find a solution to the problem. Like I said earlier, one of the problem or stress for fashion bloggers or content creators, is creating content on their blog especially if it is a source of income for them. One way to solve this problem is to use old pictures from your blog archives to create new content or repurpose old post to suit the current situation or event. 

In the case of the holiday, find out the cause of your stress; is it what to wear? Lay out all your old holiday pieces from your closet and look for inspiration on how to restyle them. Is it what to cook for the holiday dinner? Look into community resources where you live and find out how to get recipes or supplies that can help to bring down your Christmas/holiday dinner cost.

Have a Budget and a Plan: Do not go about doing anything without a plan and a budget. If you have Christmas parties to attend, plan out ahead of time what you are wearing to each party and what the dress code is and what you are contributing to each party if you have to. Again, you do not have to attend every party you are invited to. It is always okay to say No to any invitation. If your job always have a Christmas or holiday party at the end of the year, it helps to start planning for such party months in advance.

Give Thoughtful gifts instead of expensive Gifts: If you feel like you have to give expensive gifts to your loved ones and family during the holidays, plan for this ahead of time or months ahead of the holidays. However, thoughtful and inexpensive gifts are better than the more expensive gifts especially when budget is an issue. For example, instead of buying that expensive kitchen gadget for your aunt or your friend, think of a small DIY Kitchen gift basket where you can put some spices, kitchen gloves, napkins, cutting board and even small utensils like spatula and serving spoons. 

These are items that are always needed in the home/kitchen and are always thoughtful gifts for any holiday. Before you go shopping at any store, you can check on the website of the store you are planning to shop at and browse their gift guides. A lot of stores have gift ideas in different price points posted on their website menu. You can pick items from these lists/guides and use them as inspiration to shop for your loved ones.

Plan to gift memories as opposed to Presents/Gifts: We do not have to always gift physical items during the holidays. Think of gifting memories instead like going to the Theatre to see a Performance or going to see the Opera or even a Museum. You can get the tickets ahead of time and pick a date when everyone would be available and make it a fun trip for your loved ones especially if it is an experience that is new for everyone. Your family and friends would always remember the memories and time spent together.

Always have a grateful Attitude: This is the best stress reliever at any time; the ability to understand that appreciation is the best attitude to have every time. Think of the fact that there are people that are in less fortunate situation at this time and at every time in the year. Instead of thinking about all the things you want to buy or do during the holiday season, think instead of those that need love and help at this time and think of ways to put a smile on the face of others.

in conclusion, do not forget the reason for the season. It is Christmas and Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Jesus is the light of the world and He is the reason for the season. So, let's spread the joy of Christmas all through the year and not just at Christmas time alone. Jesus is the reason for the season. 🎄

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  1. Yes the holidays can be stressful, for some people its family, for some it is money. I mostly enjoy the holidays and keep things simple. And yes maintaining a blog and social media platforms can be stressful and there is a lot of pressure. It is good to kick back once in a while. Love your look here, just gorgeous!!

    Allie of

    1. Yes, I like to keep things simple too. Thanks so much Allie. Enjoy the Christmas season and have a happy new year.


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