Tuesday, July 5, 2022

10 years on the Blog! Happy Anniversary to me!!

         Ten years...it's ten years here on the blog! Unbelievable but so, so true 😀 My actual anniversary was in March. So, it's technically 10 years and counting. I must say though that my blog has been in private setting since Spring of 2020. Yes, when the whole world shut down, I shut down my little space on the internet too because I just wasn't feeling it. The desire to blog just diminished.

Somehow, my love for writing or blogging rekindled and I continued to take pictures and write and post on the blog privately. I just was not excited about blogging publicly. Also, I was not enthused about blogging about fashion. I know a lot of fashion blogs quickly turned over to Pandemic resources blog at the time by sharing tips on how to survive the pandemic like this post here and here.  However, I could not keep up with writing such lengthy posts or let's just say I had my hands full; busy with home schooling and all that 😊

Now, I'm ready to take the blog public again and I am so ready to start connecting again in "Blogs Ville;" visiting other blogs and reconnecting with other blogger friends. So, the blog is no more a personal fashion diary where I just blog or talk to myself, it is back on public settings again. 
Check out my first blog posts here when I really had no idea what I was doing 😃 I must say my picture quality and blog posts generally have improved since then. 

Do you know that 95% of the pictures on this blog are taken by me, yours truly? 'With the use of a tripod and my old, trusted camera? The other 5% are by family members mostly my kids. To celebrate my blog anniversary, I am sharing or resharing this old blog post here where I wore my favorite color purple and also my favorite party piece, the lace dress. You can find links to the blog posts about the other lace dresses under the relevant pictures below.

A very big "Thank-you" to everyone that has visited my blog all these years. I appreciate you greatly. I have made lots of wonderful friends via blogging and I look forward to making many more. Thanks again for being on this journey with me and being a part of this hobby that brings me so much joy and happiness. Cheers to more wonderful years ahead 💯



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