Wednesday, August 29, 2018

How I style one shoulder tops

Happy Wednesday Friends; I hope the week is going great. It's almost Friday; Woot! 😁 This post is about overcoming personal insecurities when it comes to dressing up. Most women like me have one or two things about their bodies that they are insecure about and for me, it's my neck and fat arms...Lol 😂 This does not stop me from wearing off-shoulder tops or sleeveless tops though. I wear my looks with confidence; fat arms and all and you should too. I'm sharing this look I wore to Church weeks ago for our Wednesday mid-week service; a white one shoulder top over a red midi skirt. 

One shoulder tops are always tricky for me to wear because I don't like to feel exposed on my shoulders. When I wear one shoulder or sleeveless tops and dresses as evening wear, I usually wear a statement necklace or choker to create a balance in the neck area or when I have long hair, I brush it to the side where the shoulder is exposed. Then, when I wear a casual one shoulder top that I know I would wear for longer hours, I layer a nude color tank top underneath like I did in these pictures. Layering a tank top underneath a one shoulder top might be Fashion faux-pas for some people but who cares! 😝 I layer on a nude color tank top anyway that is not all that obvious. Also, the layered tank top look is modest if you are wearing your top to Church or other semi formal events and it also guards against wardrobe malfunction. Enjoy the rest of the week.

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  1. I love this outfit on you, Beauty. Thanks for sharing the tips with us.


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