Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gingham on Gingham

Gingham Shirt: Dress barn
Red Pants: Express
Black Tote: Kenneth Cole via T. J. Maxx
Gingham heels: Colin Stuart via

So, this is Day Five! count down to birthday post. I got this gingham shirt from Dress barn a long time ago but only get to wear it whenever I'm expecting. This is because the shirt is two sizes up and a little loose. I couldn't find my right size at the store at the time but the shirt was on sale and I decided to go home with it. I thought the gingham prints looked so pretty then and it was the only gingham print I owned until I added this pair of gingham sandals I purchased from Victoria's secret.

I was having a bad hair day the day these pics were taken and actually had a lot of days like that over the summer. My natural hair right now is still at the initial stage of dreads and my wig is worn out already...:) I'm thinking of doing an "Unveiling" post on my birthday which comes up in a few days but I'm still trying to decide what to do exactly. Do I reveal my natural hair or reveal my face without any make-up? Talking of make-up, I do not really wear much of it and only just recently took it up a notch as a result of blogging. My make-up products/routine now includes foundation which I only use sparingly to cover up blemishes, lipstick, eyebrow pencils and eye-shadow and mascara sometimes.  It is great to pay attention to our outside appearance in order not to look shabby and untidy but like I always say; the greatest make-up or makeover ever is the building up of the "inner man." Our spirituality and personality matters more than anything else in this world. People would always get drawn to us when they know that we have an excellent or attractive spirit/personality and not really because we wear all the expensive labels that are out there.

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Beauty Ojo


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