Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Styling a knit dress all through summer

Hi everyone, I hope we are all doing great. It's been raining a lot here in Minnesota and the amount of rain we have had so far is quite unusual for spring time. There has also been unusual rain and flooding in the south and I pray God to comfort all the victims at this difficult time and I thank God for preserving the lives of many that were in the path of the storm; it could have been worse. I know there has been substantial loss of property but all those can be replaced. It's our precious lives that matter most. Please, let's remember everyone in our prayers.

My love for knit dresses continue through the spring season and would go into the summer. The knit maxi dress I'm wearing here was purchased from Loft two years ago and I enjoy wearing it in the spring and summer because I just love the feel of knit against my skin and most of them are made with cotton blend these days so they still are great to wear in the summer. I styled the knit maxi dress with hoop earrings and a denim jacket and black sandals with cork heels. And if you do not know, cork heel shoes are a great trend this summer or shoes with very unique and artsy heels or soles.

 My last accessory is this unique basket bag that I thrifted months ago and it is actually a basket or woven wine cooler that was part of a picnic basket that I converted into a basket bag by switching the position of the straps and I love how it turned out. Similar straw bags and basket bags like this piece can be found on Etsy at very good prices. The denim jacket was added to the outfit last minute for extra warmth when the temperature took a dip. You have to be prepared at all times for every weather especially when you leave in Minnesota when the weather can be a bit uncertain or unpredictable and not just regarding fashion but in life generally. Let's also endeavor to pray and praise our way through every situation we encounter on the daily. Thanks so much for reading.

      Knit Dress: Here  //  Denim Jacket: similar Here  and Here  // Sandals: Here  similar Here // Basket Bag: Here

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  1. I know the weather has become so crazy and has caused a lot of hardship. This is a great dress. I was in Zara today and they had a maxi dress in this color with a ruffle collar I bet it would look great on you.

    Allie of

    1. A wine color maxi dress with a ruffle collar sounds very interesting; I'll check it out online on the Zara site. Thanks so much for your comment Allie.

  2. I love a good knit maxi dress for the Summer! It's just the perfect thing to throw on and a classic! Your straw bag is so cute!


  3. I absolutely love the color of this dress. This bag is perfect for the outfit too.


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