Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Long Blue Coat + Chelsea Boots + Beret

It's really difficult to put colorful outfits together when all you see day after day are piles and piles of snow and grey clouds. We can go through days and weeks of cloudy skies with occasional peaks of the sun in Minnesota. I make very conscious effort to wear some color at this time of the year. My long blue coat is one of my favorite coats to wear at this time because it is not only long and comfy and suitable for the cold weather, it infuses a huge dose of color into any outfit. I threw the coat over a very casual outfit; a blue turtle neck sweater and a pair of blue denim. I needed to keep my head warm so I put on a black embellished beret with a trim; this style of hat is also called Newsboy hat and it adds some chic vibe to the outfit. Check out this previous post on the beret trend here.

The Chelsea boots and snakeskin messenger bag completed the look. I must say I love to wear messenger bags a lot during the cold season because they are very versatile; they are stylish and functional at the same time. When I throw one over my shoulders, my hands are free to balance myself as I walk on the snowy driveways and the low heel Chelsea ankle boots are very suitable for walking on snowy grounds too. Did I tell you this long blue coat is thrifted? Yes, it is. Most of the coats and blazers I own are thrifted pieces. A new coat of similar quality would you back about $250 - $500 but I got this coat for about $25 at a consignment shop years ago. Many of those senior citizens donate or consign their items to consignment stores and you can find very good pieces when you visit one.

" I have always been about saving money and shopping smart; more like the virtuous woman in the book of proverbs in the Bible. She saves money wherever she can and works hard to clothe herself and her house hold and she also gives to the poor (Proverbs 31:10-31) What say you about thrifting and consignment shops?"

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Coat                                          Coat

                                                       Coat                           Sweater


                                   Coat                                Sweater                       Chelsea Boots

                                  Bag                     Boots                  Cap

                                                      Sweater                             Bag


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