Wednesday, February 6, 2019

How to style a purple turtle neck sweater for cold weather

"Purple" and "turtle neck" are two things you can hardly find in most ladies closets. Purple color can come in so many different shades of which lavender and lilac are the most common but in all, there are not many people willing to style the color for work or for play. I agree it is not the trending color of the season (Living Coral is the trending color) but it was the color of the year last spring and it is a color dear to my heart because it is my favorite color and it is so royal and regal. Most women stay away from styling purple color clothes though the color is great on any skin type but it might just be that most do not know how to style the color? The turtle neck top is another piece that a lot of ladies do not like for so many reasons but I think it is a very stylish and chic clothing piece that is very essential in a winter wardrobe especially if you live in a very cold city like I do. In this post, I have styled a lilac color sweater for work by pairing it with a grey color sweater and green color long coat. The outfit is very chic and comfy and can be worn to most events.

The turtle neck sweater that I styled in the collage above is actually a ribbed knit body suit and the beautiful thing about styling bodysuits is that they can tuck into any piece; skirts, pants or shorts really easily without any creases. The smooth finish created by the bodysuit makes the outfit to look elegant and classy. I admit it might be a little uncomfortable going to the ladies' room when you have on a body suit because of the hassle of undoing buttons or snaps at the hem of the suit but in the long run, the stress is totally worth it. You can check out the above bodysuit HERE.

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  1. I love this set and the color combination. Purple is my favorite color, whether it's violet or lavender.


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