Friday, January 4, 2019

How I re-styled my sequin pencil Skirt

Happy Friday Friends; I hop you are all doing great. This is the second outfit I styled for the new year; a sequin pencil skirt previously worn here as a Christmas holiday outfit. I knew the temperature was going to dip in the week of the  new year holiday and I figured styling the sequin mesh skirt with a thick cowl neck sweater and a pair of ankle boots was going to do but nah, the weather was terribly cold and it was minus 2 degrees by New year eve night so I abandoned this outfit after taking pictures of it and wore a black leather pencil skirt, sweater and boots instead similar to what I wore here. My brown ankle boots paired with the sequins skirt was purchased recently after I wrote this post here and my Chloe Bag is a birthday gift.  My third outfit that I styled and planned for New year eve is what I would be wearing to Church on Sunday since the weather did not permit it to be worn  on New Year's Eve.

"My aim this year is to re-style every piece in my closet to suit every occasion and if I need to make any new purchase, it has to be a versatile piece that can be styled many times over with other pieces and accessories that I already own."

The new year eve celebration might be over but I do not plan on putting my sequin pieces away just yet. They are all laid out and ready for me to wear all through the month of January. I'll be styling sequin pieces into my wardrobe every now and then especially for Church on Sundays. I just love that sequin pieces can be styled in so many ways; either dressed up or dressed down. I recently fell in love with this Ann Taylor sequin skirt here after seeing it styled beautifully on Rach. This multi color sequin skirt here is also a very unique piece if you are looking to get one for your closet and it is currently on sale. What about you, are you putting all your sequin pieces away to be restyled for next time or do you just go on ahead and dispose of them by resale or donation? We all have to be responsible in the way we use and take care of our things. "Material Consumerism" (is there a phrase like that? 😂) is at an all time high. Thanks so much for reading; have a great weekend.

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  1. You look so comfortable in this look!


  2. I am not sure if there is such phrase, but I like it! These colors are so perfect together. The boots and the bag are to die for. You look gorgeous. Happy new year, my dear friend!

  3. Nice look and I like your skirt ♥

    Saw your blog and thought if you would like to follow each other? Follow me and I'll follow back asap. Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear something from you! :)


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