Friday, April 12, 2013

The totally Unexpected!!

Yay!! I have a new background for my pictures; sort of...:) heaps of snow! Just when we were all excited for spring; boom!!! Mother nature pulled a fast one on us. As one of my friend always says; Minnesota weather is completely bipolar..:) We have had very mild winters for the last two years and everyone somehow forgot about the real Minnesota Weather where it is pretty normal to have April Snow and the Winter and Spring in competition until Summer mediates.

So, this snow storm started Tuesday and when it was all done yesterday, it dumped close to seven inches of snow in some parts of Minnesota. Instead of brooding over the snowy weather and the cold, we decided to enjoy it as much as we could and got the kids outside to play and help in the plowing of the driveway.

Okay, that is it for the weather...:) since the temperature was in the upper thirties and not too cold, I decided to wear my cute faux fur vest that I recently purchased from Forever 21 and talked about here and here. I threw it over a black long sleeve tee and paired it with a colorful midi skirt. Thank God I had not put my boots and tights away yet so I completed the look with black tights and boots.

I really love the faux leather ties on this vest and I think it gives it an edgy look. The vest is also well lined and I felt warm and comfortable.

Black tee: Old Navy (I think???. I've had it for years)
Faux fur vest: Forever 21
Skirt: Loft
Tights: Express
Boots: Victoriassecret
Bag: Aldo
Ring: Burlington

As an afterthought, how do you react to unexpected situations in life? There are times when we face difficult challenges in life and we pray and pray for things to turn out right but what we fear or do not want eventually happens. Or sometimes, the unexpected situation happens like losing a loved one or getting a divorce. Do we turn back and curse and blame God for what happened? Do we get depressed and bitter and harbor thoughts of suicide?

The best thing to do is to trust in God and to always have a solid plan B. Whatever happens should not change our confession about God. Rather we give him thanks and enjoy the new situation as best as we can. No matter what happens, all things work together for our good only if we love and trust God. Romans 8: 28

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog where I share my opinion on my fashion sense and also muse about life and my faith. Do leave me a comment because I love finding new blogs and interacting with other bloggers.

Beauty Ojo


  1. loving outfit the skirt is amazing ...thanks for checking out my blog too x

  2. Hi! Very nice look:) What you think about follow each other?

    1. Hi Monic, I'll stop by at your blog soon. Thanks a lot for stopping by...

  3. love love your style!!
    youre the best, hope you follow back <3
    Sergio, xx

  4. I went through many of your pictures and I love your style. So great and well presented :)
    I followed you and I hope you could check my blog out and maybe follow back :)
    Kisses ♥

    1. Thanks Natalie. I'll definitely return the Follow.

  5. Great outfit, love how the skirts colour just pops at you. Can't believe it's still snowing in parts of the US...brrrr!

  6. I know!...:) I wish I was in some beach at the Bahamas or Jamaica right now..:)

  7. You look lovely fighting the blizzards.
    I hope our weather won't go balistic on us too.

  8. Nooo. Not more snow. Sorry to hear about the snow. Very chic look.


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