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Color and Style Inspiration Board 2013


The Color and Style Inspiration Board is a new feature and one that I intend to have on this blog every year. I know a lot of fashion bloggers and stylists do have fashion styling and inspiration boards which they work with but I never had one until now. If there are looks I love that I have seen somewhere else or thought of, I usually used to memorise or commit it to memory for future use. However, it has come to my attention, that my brain needs some extra support...:) hence my decision to set up a style board.

The way I have set out to do this is simple; rather than spend countless hours on the web browsing popular sites like pinterest for fashion trends, I just look at those catalogues that come in the mail. I do a lot of online shopping and usually get catalogues sent to my address from my popular stores. Most of those magazines used to end up in the recycling bin without my even turning a page. These days, I just keep them right by the kitchen counter and when I'm in the kitchen waiting for something to sizzle or in the dinning room waiting to clean up after the kids, I just pull out the magazines and flip the pages. I rip out anything that catches my eye and save them in a pile before tossing the rest of the catalogue in the recycle bin.

The next step was going online to view these items with a critical eye on the prize and trying to see if I can play the waiting game hoping that the items go on sale or to just order them right away when I know they'll sell out quickly. So there it goes! These are the styles and color combination I am hoping and willing to try out these summer and I will add any new item that catches my eye to the list. Another fun and creative way to shop.

This animal print shirt from retails for $98 and I am waiting on this one.

While I wait on these items from my favorite stores to go on sale, I can ocassionally browse other stores to see if they have similar items at a lower price. Although I saw several other animal print tops at a lower price in some other stores, majority of them were of low quality; the prints too large or the fabric too sheer. So, this victorias secret blouse might end up being the one but I hope it does not sell out while I play the waiting game.


I am loving the above blue color looks from and I might not have to order anything to achieve these looks. I am inspired by the styles and the colors. So, if I can get pieces in my closet to achieve the color inspiration, then I'll put them together to achieve the above looks. They are definitely fun looks for the Summer!

I do not have a jumpsuit and have never tried this look but I'm thinking of giving it a try this summer. This jumpsuit is on sale right now at $86.40 at The original price was $108. If I change my mind about doing the jumpsuit look, I can do all black with black and white print shoes. So, this is also a style inspiration.

For these other looks below, I just like the color blocking and color combinations and I'm inspired to try out the combination of colors rather than shopping for the individual pieces. The pictures are from Metrostyle or


I love love polka dots! This look is effortless and has been done a thousand times over. Just throw a polka dot top in with anything and Viola!


Animal print skirt from $59.50

There you have it; my color and inspiration board. I will constantly update it and add anything that catches my fancy to it over the summer months.

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