Thursday, January 10, 2013


So, every lady loves a "Lady's Closet." And a lady's closet is that special place that contains all the magical elements. Sometimes it is a room called a walk-in closet or just a good space with shelves; whatever space it is, it is every woman's dream to have everything she needs in there.

The title of this post is "My because I want to talk about my own space with the intention of getting inspired to get more organized.

My closet is a fairly sized walk-in closet which is supposed to fit my equally fairly sized wardrobe but I found out that most of the time I feel like I put my entire wardrobe in a box with no room for very needed organization. No wonder I used to run to the stores to purchase  new outfits each time I got an invitation to an event. Presently, with my closet as disorganized as it is, if I do not plan my outfits ahead of time before an ocassion, any attempt to put an outfit together at the last minute turns my closet into a space that looks like a tornadoe zone; shoes and bags scattered on the floor and piles of clothes strewn in corners

And then when I look in there most times, all I see are shoes. Somehow, I am able to keep my shoe collection organized probably due to my love for them. And now that I got no more room for shoes in my closet, I had to go on a "buying freeze" until I am able to create a more organized space for them which might include turning one of the bedrooms in the house into a second walk in closet. My son and daughter are already complaining about the over-flow in their rooms...:) hubby's wardrobe also had to move somewhere else with just one wall space allocated to him due to my intense love...:)

Although my clothes might look organized sometimes but it is still chaotic trying to find anything to wear in there. This is because prints are mixed with solids or shirts mixed with blazers or even worse knits mixed with tribal prints. This causes a lot of wear and tear on the clothes not to mention the countless minutes wasted looking for something to wear.
However, I was smart enough to keep my everyday casual clothes organized. Most of the stash of my  denim pants are stored in my son's closet in his room while my casual tops are stored in my daughter's room.

My clutches are stored in a simple cardboard box in a corner and my summer shoes or quick-wear shoes are in a neat pile beside them. Larger hand bags are stored on shelves in between rows of clothes but fly in all directions at dress-up time...:)

In another corner of the closet I stacked old shoes which I hardly wear but intend to donate very soon. Also, my small collection of jewelry  and make-up are stored in some of my oversized handbags and it gets really hectic sometimes trying to find some pieces because I put them in a different bag or forgot where exactly I put them after the last use.

So, my point is this; it does not matter the size of closet space that you have, the main goal is to keep it organized all the time with everything in the right place. It pays though to have some kind of organizer or shelves in there to store jewelry and other accessories.

My next project is to get some much needed organization in my closet and I'm going to start by doing something about the way my clothes are stored. I'm thinking of doing some sort of color cordination in there; putting similar colored clothes together or similar pieces together and keeping everything that way to reduce the amount of time wasted each time I try to get ready for an event. Now, I got to go...) Connect with you again soon and thanks for reading.


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