Sunday, January 13, 2013

Option two

So, after putting together my outfit for church last night, I watched some movies with hubby and the kids and listened to the news after wards. However, I got quite a shock that the  temperature was going to drop to single digits the next day. This was nothing that unusual though. It is normal for the temperature to be here and there during the winter in Minnesota. Nevertheless, I was a little disappointed that I was not going to wear the outfit I had already put together previously. I had to go back upstairs to put another outfit together for the new forecast. Luckily, I already put all the back-up clothing items in a pile in the corner of the closet so I just checked quickly to make sure I had everything then I took pictures for the blog then went to the children's rooms to put together option two...**sigh**

Option two is this maxi silk leopard dress I got from Tj Maxx a while back. It is actually a very light fabric dress and not meant for the winter at all but my thrifty attitude always ensured that every summer piece I own takes its own turn in the winter rotation...:)

Again, the sleeves of this dress was very bare so I had to choose something warm to layer underneath it. And that is the beautiful thing of wearing long dresses during the winter; you can layer as much as you like.
I chose this light brown knit turtle neck top to layer underneath. I'm not a great lover of turtle necks but when nature chooses to influence fashion, you have to play by its rules. Single digit temperature and negative wind chill in the winter times tells you that no skin should be left bare and all fasionistas need to take note!...:)
This taupe over sized jacket was the next item on the list. I had a hard time deciding between this taupe jacket and my brown jacket but decided to choose this to reduce the brown colors in the outfit.


             This vintage brown bag and red boots were the accessories I picked to go with the outfit.

 So that is my new Sunday outfit! I apologize for the poor pictures. I'm yet to get a new camera but would certainly get one soon. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and do have a blessed and wonderful day. **Kisses**

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