Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Style-New: Unfinished business

Hi beautiful people of blogs ville, once again, "Happy new year to everyone of you." I trust you all had a safe and fulfilling holiday. I spent some time during my mini vacation doing some tidying up and discovered some old pictures in my computer folder which I'm going to post here hence the title "Unfinished business." They are pictures of outfit collages I made last spring. If you have read some of my old blog posts, you will know by now that I love to do outfit ensemble on my deck just like some fashion bloggers do "Fashion boards" for fashion inspiration. The main difference is that fashion boards usually involve outfits that are on the bloggers wish list while my deck outfit collages involve items that have already arrived in the mail...:) Check out the one I did on the neon trend here.

The skinny color jeans was a hot trend last summer and though I do not follow trends that much but I kind of liked the color blocking that was associated with it and I was tempted to grab a pair when I found some on sale at a local fashion boutique. I got a pair in a saturated hue of turquoise along with a leopard print blouse and I thought the combination was super cute!...:) So I decided to do outfit collages on the various ways I would like to wear this colored skinny pants and I added leopard prints to all of them. Each of the outfit collages can be worn just about anywhere with a little "accessory editing" here and there.


                                                                              A day out in town

White Shirt: Coldwater Creek; Pants: Fashion bug; Satin Pumps: Victoriassecret; Leopard Clutch: thrifted

                                                                                        Casual Chic

Leopard print blouse: Fashion bug; Pants: Fashion bug; Peep toe pumps: Steve Madden luxe; Clutch: Kenneth Cole Reaction

                                                                              Work wear

Black ruffled shirt: Tj Maxx; Pants: Fashion bug; Leopard sling back: Simply Vera by Vera Wang; Black tote: Kenneth Cole Reaction

So, I had a baby shower to attend last summer and I decided to wear the colored pants with the black ruffled blouse but I ditched the print sling back for another leopard pump because I badly needed a pedicure and felt the slingbacks was not the best choice for the evening. Here are the pictures below; And yeah, I switched out the clutch too but I don't think that was the best choice. I probably was thinking of "prints on prints" when I did that..:)

Also, I had my comb twists in my hair last summer too and right now, I am trying to prep my hair for this upcoming summer. I am looking forward to the reveal.

I wore this turquoise necklace as a statement piece and I know the look looks a little bit matchy-matchy.. Maybe that was why I forgot about the pictures in my folder

Well, I'm glad I completed the unfinished business...:) And that is my new-year resolution. I'm going to complete every great task I embark on this year and I know I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

                            Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful and blessed day.




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