Saturday, January 12, 2013

Picking an outfit for Church.

Of all the many things I do over the weekend, the most exciting for me is putting together my outfits for the following week and for church. I usually perform this chore on Saturday afternoons so that I can relax and spend the evening with my family. First of all, I put my outfits for work together from Monday through Friday and then I put together my Sunday outfit. I also put together the children's outfit too and although this is a tedious task, I actually enjoy doing it.

The outfit I picked for church tomorrow is what I laid out above; a vintage houndstooth black and white jacket and a yellow maxi dress mixed in with dark red accessories and black heels. I decided to wear the houndstooth jacket because I noticed that it is becoming a trend and since mine had been hanging in the closet for months, it was the ideal time to launch it.

This yellow knit maxi summer dress is what I picked and like I said in an earlier post, I like to convert my summer maxi dresses into my winter wardrobe. Since the maxi  dress is long, it is easy to wear layers underneath without being uncomfortable or feeling bulky.

         However, this dress is very open at the neck and not really suitable for the cold winter  but I decided to solve this problem by wearing a tank top over it.

This black and white houndstooth jacket was thrifted for less than $10.00 and a trip to the dry-cleaner made it look as good as new,

                     On second thought, I decided to use a gold belt to cinch the waist of the dress.                 

   Then I threw in the dark red bag I purchased from Victoriasecret on line years ago and six inches Zigisoho heels and my outfit was ready. I am always careful though to plan out a second outfit because the weather can change at the last minute and I always have a warm jacket on hand ready to go.

When I get done with an outfit, I usually put it back on the hanger in a conspicuous place in the closet where I could easily reach it. And it does save me lots of time when it's time to get ready.


I decided to show a larger view of my son's bedroom where the styling took place this weekend and a picture of my boy who is always patient with me whenever I turn his room into my styling studio...:)

As you can see, I have infused color into my home; this room was decorated by me and I actually made all the picture frames in the room myself. I'll share my DIY tips on the blog soon.

Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to reading your comments so feel free to share your ideas on how you save time by styling your outfits.


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