Sunday, January 13, 2013

Formal, Casual plus vintage

Hi lovely people of blogs ville, I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are charged up for the new week. I'm just about to go to bed but decided to do a quick post of my Sunday's outfit. I have been doing a lot of blogging lately and even though it's so much fun, I'm thinking of taking a break...:) We shall see about that...:)))

If you have read most posts in my blog, you will know by now that I am a Church girl that likes to post pictures of her Sunday outfits...:) First of all, I'll apologize for the poor quality of my pictures. I am yet to get a better camera but have learnt to be more patient with the editing tools and this has helped a bit.

My last post which I just posted a few minutes ago anyways...:) was all about putting this outfit together. this is my second choice outfit for today. I'll put on my first choice; my houndstooth jacket next week to Church if the weather gets warmer. I had to take off my winter jacket and gloves for this shoot because the weather is freeeeezzzing!

I thrifted this taupe color jacket years ago and if you love jackets like I do and want to build a nice wardrobe without much cost, the thrift store and consignment stores is the place to go for good quality jackets. Take your nice haul for drycleaning and you are good to go. Blazers/jackets give an edge to any outfit. H & M and Forever 21 also got some good jackets.

I paired the jacket with this leopard silk maxi dress from Tj Maxx and these low heeled red boots from Victoriassecret. The red boots have been in my closet for ages but they get very good rotation during the winter months. I also like the fact that they can be rolled down and converted to booties and that is some bang for my buck!..:)

                       Ear-rings and necklace are also thrift items and bracelets are from Target.

                              So that is my Sunday outfit; somewhat formal, casual and vintage.

                                             Check out my dark brown vintage bag!..:)

                                    Thanks so much for reading and do have a blessed week.



  1. I love those red boots; cute!

  2. Animal prints and red are a match made in heaven..:)


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