Sunday, December 20, 2020

How I styled my Christmas themed Sweater and why I celebrate Christmas

    This Christmas themed Sweater has been in my closet for ages and I have worn it several times over the years but it is the first time I am styling it on the blog. I got it years ago to wear to a ugly Christmas sweater party at work and to be honest with you, I don't even know why that is even a thing. There is nothing ugly about Christmas so why did someone come up with such a concept? I do admit that some Christmas themed sweaters are really "costumey" though but I would rather we call it by a different name; haha! 😕 

Sweater       Skirt     Boots

My sweater is a deep burgundy shade with white snow flakes on the hem of the sleeves. I like that the Christmas reference/design on the sweater is very subtle and I think think this is the best style of Christmas themed sweater to buy if you must own one. Perhaps, there is that Christmas themed party you really have to attend via Zoom or at a socially distant venue, consider getting themed sweater like this one here and also this piece right here. They are very stylish and cute. I paired my sweater with a white color pleated skirt and wine color riding boots; kind of matchy-matchy, but totally on purpose.

I would wear this look to a casual Christmas themed party or to a Christmas concert or carol service and I really look forward to having a normal Christmas celebration next year with all the bells and whistles. 😆 I love Christmas, I tell you. It is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ who is the savior of the world, sent by God to die for our sins. December 25th is not the actual birthday of Christ though but a date that was adopted to commemorate Christ's birth. And this is why I celebrate the season which is the real meaning of Christmas and not the actual date or day if that makes sense. Also, my youngest son's birthday is on Christmas day and it's one more reason why the season and date is so important and exciting for me. Do you celebrate Christmas? I love you for reading.

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Skirt       Sweater       Sweater

Boots        Sweater      Sweater   

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