Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Floral Sequin blouse + Black midi pencil Skirt

I know it is Tuesday and not the end of the week yet but I really needed to do this throwback post to this sequin floral blouse I wore sometime last month. The weather is all dreary around here and all I have been wearing are sweaters and long coats as you can see from my previous posts on the blog but this post here is just to add a fun look to the blog and really, believe me when I tell you that this outfit was fun to style and wear. It's a look I wore to Church weeks ago and though there was so much snow around in the background, the weather was bearable and I also had on a long black coat which I did not include in the pictures. The floral sequin blouse is a thrifted piece I blogged about here a few weeks ago. I paired it with a black midi pencil skirt, a recent purchase from Target and completed the look with an Asos belt and black suede pumps.

Floral or multicolor sequin blouses or blazers sell out very fast in the stores and online especially during the holiday season and that is why I was super excited when I got this particular piece from Arcs Value Village. It's a very unique and beautiful piece and I tell you; that is the perk of thrift shopping. If you are a savvy shopper, you'll leave the store with very unique pieces that you can not find easily in other stores. Check out this recent haul I blogged about here and thanks so much for stopping by here.

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                                                Sequin Dress                        Sequin Jacket

                                                    Skirt                           Skirt


                                          Skirt                               Sequin Blazer

                                                      Jacket                              Pumps

                                                    Sequin Cardigan                   Pumps


                                                    Thanks so much for stopping by



  1. Wow look at that snow! I hope the weather is starting to get better for you! And this outfit is so cute!


  2. Great combo you look elegant and chic.

  3. This is such a beautiful top. I like the way you styled it.

  4. You look fab with that blazer.
    Nice make up too.



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