Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Grey Sweater + Purple Pleat Skirt

The last time I wore this purple pleat skirt on the blog was about four years ago and you can see the previous blog post here. I love the pop of color that the skirt brings to an outfit and the skirt is one of my favorites because it was designed by me. I went to the fabric store and picked the pleated fabric myself and I got all the bold bright colors I could find. There was deep red which I also made into a pleat skirt and you can see it here in this post and there was also lime green color pleat fabric that I also made into another pleat skirt and I blogged about it here. And I still have teal and black color pleat fabric at home that I haven't made into any piece yet. I am still trying to decide what style to create with them. The pleats on this skirt fabric is the very tiny knife pleats and since the fabric is a little heavy and the pleats very tight, the skirt is not flowy; just exactly what I wanted when I decided to make this skirt; a heavy pleat maxi skirt appropriate to wear in the cold weather months. And when I say make, I never really made these skirts myself; I found a seamstress and told her exactly what I wanted; three maxi pleat skirts and she had them made for me.

 I had to explain in detail the process that went into this skirt to let you know that you have to do a little bit of planning to get unique pieces in your closet; remember this post from previous weeks here? At the time the skirts were made, pleat skirts were trending but I never saw any pleat skirt that I really liked. I only recently spotted a similar color pleat skirt online; this Balenciaga designer piece. Most of the trending pleat skirts at the time were made of very light weight fabric and were either not long enough for my liking or really too light in texture. And when I found a maxi pleat skirt like this one here, it was way too light but I did get it anyway for the summer. I paired my purple pleat skirt here with a grey color turtle neck sweater and dark grey coat and a pair of ankle boots. When I tell you I was bundled up in the cold, I really mean it and the pop of purple color really brightened a cold, dreary winter day.

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                                               Skirt                                                      Sweater

Here                                 Skirt

                                   Here                               Skirt                            Bag

                                                     Here                                 Here


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