Thursday, September 20, 2018

Plaid Dress + Satin Slides


Happy Thursday Beauties; I hope the weather is beautiful wherever you are because it's been raining steady for over two days in my neck of the woods. The forecast says the rain would end tomorrow and behind the rain comes low temperatures. This weekend the temperature is going to dip to the 40s and that's cold even for this early in fall. This weekend is also the official start of fall so, I can say that fall is definitely here now. It's time to get out all the outer wears; sweaters, jackets, boots, scarves, name it 😌 Although I'm excited for fall fashion, I'm not too excited about all the work I have to do in re-organizing my closet. If you do not see any new post on here in the next few days, just know that I am busy somewhere in my closet 😂

This plaid dress is what I wore a few days ago on a beautiful sunny day. It's a versatile piece that can be styled as a formal outfit and also as a casual wear for summer; just the way I did with the straw hat, straw bag and satin slides.   And talking about slides, I got this beautiful pair from the clearance rack in Target for less than $10. It also comes in a beautiful green color which has since sold out in my size. I just love Target;  these days they've got beautiful, quality items at great prices. In years past, I bought clothes and accessories from the store only when they had a collaboration with a big designer because you know you would be getting unique and quality pieces but now, I go into Target and all I see is gorgeous, unique pieces everywhere. Do you shop at Target? What do you have to say about their recent fashion makeover? 'definitely something worth pondering about when you are in the business or world of fashion. Thank you so much for stopping by here.

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                              Plaid Dress                          Dress                    Slides

                                   Hat                      Plaid Shirt                     Slides


Dress                       Bag                         Slides

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