Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Spring trend: Pastels

So, "Pastels" is a huge trend this spring and just to refresh our memory; Wikipedia defines Pastels as; "Colors that are desaturated or washed out and lacking strong chromatic content. They are usually very soft and include almost all neutral colors, pink, baby blues and light blues, mauve, lilac, light browns, khakis, yellow, creams..." you get the idea. To tell you the truth, the pastels rave is so big this season with stylists putting their different twists on it and I had to google it for myself to make sure I really got it right;  then I went in my closet and did some editing and this is the first of the pastel outfits I am styling for spring here on the blog.

Okay, our weather warmed up a great deal; I paired this light brown or tan color sweater with a white color A-line ruffle skirt and completed the look with my brown print platform sandals and straw bag. They used to say "no wearing of white colors before Labor day" but that was then and this is now 😉 There are not much rules to Fashion these days. You basically just go with the trends or the flow but you still have to remain true to yourself or your style. Now back to this outfit,  I had a feeling the outfit looked too washed out and I wrapped a colorful scarf on the bag straps for a pop of color.  I love that I shopped my closet for this look and I look forward to more pastel pairings from my closet. There is no need rushing to the stores to spend money every season to get new trends or to  update our style. Just work with what you have. Thanks so much for reading.

           Sweater: similar  here and here // Skirt: similar  here and here another option here
                                                Sandals: similar here  and  here
                                       Bag: similar here // Scarf: similar here and here

                                                                          Shop similar Look


Top                    Skirt                   Top                Bag


                                      Scarf                            Skirt                    Sandals





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  1. You look effortlessly chic, doll! I like the skirt.


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