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How to be successful this year, 2023

       Happy new year Friends!  I wish you a very happy new year. It is never too late for good wishes. 'like I said in my previous post, do not adjust your screen because you are looking at pictures with holiday decor. This is still 2023! Haha!! 😂 I am not trying to take us back to 2022. These are just old pictures and if you read the previous post, you will understand the intention. We are not stressing over anything this year. We are going to do what we want 😀

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Now that we got the elephant in the room issue out of the way or in this case, the Christmas tree in the room...let's talk about how we intend to be successful this year, 2023. I already gave a hint to the general attitude in my previous post and that is; don't stress. Now, let's get to the other things we need to do.

After we have fixed our mindset by making up our minds to take things easy and keep things simple, we are going to do the following things.

Set Goals: This is not the year for winging it. Yes, we are going to keep things easy and simple, but we are going to set up goals. What do you want to achieve this year? Now, I'm not talking about resolutions, which is a bit different in my opinion. "Resolution" is I want to lose weight, I want to read more, I want to eat healthy. "Goal" is I want to weigh 150 pounds at the end of the year, I want to read 100 books by the end of the year, I want to be a vegetarian by the end of the year or have 50% of vegetables in my diet. So, a goal is more specific than a resolution, in my opinion.


Make a plan: Now that we have set the goal, we need to make the plan; and making the plan involves actually putting things in place in order to achieve our goal. Don't just make a mental plan. Go ahead and write things down in a journal or set up a mood board. For example, if you want to lose weight, go ahead and register at the gym or buy that equipment and make a plan on how you need to stick to a work-out schedule. You can also designate an accountability partner at this point; someone who can hold you accountable to achieve your goals. It is important to stress that you keep things simple. Start by making the plan to go to the gym one day a week and once you have mastered that routine, you can increase it to 2 days a week after taking other things in your schedule to account.

Schedule breaks, rest or vacation: You have to schedule a break or vacation into your schedule right from the onset in order to avoid a burn-out and to prevent you from moving things around last minute thereby causing you stress. This also includes scheduling rewards into your plan. The reward can be the same thing as the break or vacation, or it can be an additional benefit. You do not have to wait to achieve all your goals before celebrating your wins or going on that vacation; plan to celebrate the little wins and achievements along the way.

Be Patient: You have to be aware that Patience is a virtue and that every good thing takes time. It takes time to build or achieve anything that is great or successful. So practice patience and give yourself grace in all that you do. Extend that grace and patience to all those around you whether they are helping you achieve your goal or not.

Have a grateful mind at all times: Always, always be in a grateful state of mind. Appreciate where you are at all times even if it is only at the beginning. Appreciate the fact that you are on the journey already even if you are not seeing the results yet. I wish you great success this year! 💯

And with that, I want to announce that I just started my YouTube Channel. I have wanted to have my channel for years and I'm glad to say I finally did it. Check out my Channel below. You can find details about my outfit in the video.

My YouTube Channel

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"Be mindful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer." - Romans 12:12


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  1. Happy new year to you Beauty! Loving your mindset as I've all adopted a similar attitude of not stressing and letting things roll. Great advice on being successful. Good planning and being patient are key.


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