Saturday, April 18, 2020

What I want this Spring - Spring Wish List

            hopping can be a form of therapy if done wisely and intentionally with great planning and this is why I like to have a wish-list or guide for every season. Since we are all spending more time at home now, it is a great time to shop for some home essentials. The first item on my list is a Bible. I believe now is a good time to get a new Bible in print to use for daily devotion/meditation. The world is presently in chaos due to the Covid-19 crisis and studying the bible and praying can be healing for our mental health at this time. I agree there are tons of Bible and Bible study Apps out there but their ease of use (on mobile devices) also defeat their benefit or purpose. We can start out studying on our Bible App and before we know it, we drift unto social media 😊 (funny but true) The items on my list also make for great gifts to family and friends

The other things on my list are just essentials that we need at this time like the plant which adds personality to a space. We are already spending a lot of time at home, we can go ahead and make our living spaces more livable and fun. If you do not care for artificial plants, you can get live plants or seedlings at your local nursery. This is the time to know if you have a green thumb.

Device Pillows are very essential now as we make use of our devices for home schooling for our kids and working from home. There are other similar options like this one here and here.

Scrunchies  are great for pulling up our hair from our face as we participate in zoom calls and google meetings or when we go for a walk or run around the neighborhood while practicing social distancing. I love this tie-dye scrunchie/scarf combo

And we definitely cannot forget our hand sanitizers though they are so difficult to get now; selling out everywhere. The Purell brand has always been my favorite brand of hand sanitizer because it has moisturizers and conditioners in it that keep the hands soft.

I'm thinking of getting slipcovers to protect some of the furniture at my home just for this period of quarantine since we are spending more time in our living spaces. Slipcovers can be used temporarily to protect furniture at any time especially when the furniture is used a lot or when there are lot of kids in the home. This Slip covers from Wayfair is a great option.

I'm loving this front-knot white, long sleeve tee to add to my tee collection. It's unique design would elevate any casual outfit and it can also be dressed up by pairing it with a skirt and blazer.

While we are improving our indoor spaces for a comfortable "stay and work from home" experience, we do not want to neglect our outdoor spaces. This square pillows are great for our out door furniture and can make great gifts for family and friends too if they have outdoor furniture. I'm also loving this plain, chic slippers because they look so under stated, yet very stylish.

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