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How to style grey color Outfits for cold weather

Grey color outfits make up a big part of my style during the cold weather months because to be honest with you, it is really hard to burst out in colors when the skies are grey and there is a carpet of snow on the ground for days on end. And when I say grey color outfits, I mean full on grey color  outfits where 70% of the outfit is grey. I am not talking about occasion where you just throw on a grey blazer over a colored outfit or putting on a grey colored pant and throwing on a colorful top. As we all know, grey color outfits can be very formal and not necessary suited for everyday wear unless you just want to throw on a grey top and jeans for casual wear and then there is the risk of the outfit being too casual if you plan on going to a serious event like Church and Work. There is actually nothing wrong with wearing a plain outfit; it really depends on how your clothes make you feel.

And I'll give you my Christian perspective since this is a Christian Fashion Blog. One of the commands Jesus Christ gave to us is to "go into the world and preach the good news." (Mark 16:15) And to be out in the world preaching, you are going to meet with strangers and approach people in different places at all times. You want to look your best at all times to be able to connect with people whether on line or in real life.

This does not mean you have to wear expensive clothing or designer clothes, you just have to look clean, presentable and dressed for the right occasion. Do not wear jeans and tee shirts to an event that calls for formal attire. Also, If not styled right, grey color outfits can also veer into the realm of uniform. In this post, I am going to share some tips that I consider whenever I want to make my grey outfits interesting and chic and suitable for work and play especially in the cold weather season.

Play with textures:

Pairing clothing pieces with different textures is a good way of creating an outfit that is in a monochromatic color. (monochromatic color outfit is an outfit in the same color scheme or shade; like grey sweater, grey pants) you can pair knits with denim, lace with cotton, leather with knits...mixing these textures would ensure that your grey outfit is not boring or uniform-like. Another way to play with textures in your outfit is with the use of accessories. In my outfit above, my grey midi skirt is in a cable knit texture and I added interest to the outfit by wearing lacy tights, throwing on a leather jacket and putting on accessories with gold tone hardware as you can see in my bag, ankle boots and earrings. This is a fun casual outfit to wear to meet up with friends or on a casual date with the hubby. Check out the full details of the outfit above Here.

Wear a statement Piece:

A great way to make a grey outfit interesting is by wearing a statement piece which can be a one piece outfit like a dress or a jumpsuit. If you have to go to a party with theme colors and grey is the color of choice (maybe a wedding...) make your outfit stand out by wearing something memorable. The outfit does not have to be expensive; simple details like ruffles, pleats, faux fur, feather embellishments or sequins can make an outfit stand out. My ruffle grey knit dress I am wearing in the pic above is from eShakti It has since sold out but you can check out similar styles here and here. I also like this beautiful pleat dress here because of the interesting details. Check out the previous post featuring the ruffle knit dress Here.

Wear a Pant Suit: 

A pant suit looks good in almost any color so a grey color pant suit is a good option to wear if you feel like you need to wear grey colors. It's a good thing that pant suits are so trendy nowadays to wear to almost any event depending on how you style it. Pant suits are just not meant for the office anymore ladies. Pair a graphic tee and a pair of sneakers with a pant suit and you are good to go if you are attending a casual event. And for work, a comfortable pair of heels and a shirt or camisole would work great. Check out the full post of my grey colored pant suit HERE.

Pair a grey piece with prints:

Pairing a printed blazer or jacket with a grey color outfit can reduce or remove the boring look of the outfit. I would recommend black and white prints in plaid, gingham, animal or floral prints as good alternates. A polka dot vest or blazer would make a nice contrast too. You do not have to keep your blazer on if the weather is warm and you are wearing a grey dress; just drape the blazer on your shoulders and you will look chic and classy. Check out the full post of the outfit above Here.

 Pair grey with whites: 

The combination of grey and white is like a no brainer. It is the most obvious pairing when wearing grey colors. If you plan on wearing a full grey outfit, throw in some white color to the mix and it wouldn't hurt to also throw in some color. In my outfit above, I am wearing green color velvet pumps and you can check out the post HERE.

Opt for grey plaid prints:

Grey plaid prints is just so unique especially in the cold weather season and they are so easy to style. You can wear full plaid, head to toe and get away with it in the fall or winter season because the prints is a cold weather classic. In the pic above, I am wearing a plaid paper bag pants paired with a simple short sleeved white sweater. Check out the full Post HERE.

Pair Greys with blacks: 

This is the most common pairing when it comes to grey colors and while this color combination is very common in the cold weather season, it does not have to be boring. I would make my grey and black outfit interesting by wearing unusual pieces or statement pieces. For example, if you want to wear black and grey combination in a skirt outfit, think of pleated skirts, maxi knit skirt, grey denim skirts or grey lace dress. The unique texture of these skirts I just mentioned, would make for an interesting outfit. If you wear a plain grey skirt and a black top; like a plain grey pencil skirt, plan to add very interesting accessories (earrings, handbag or shoe) or you might run the risk of your outfit looking like a uniform. In my grey and black outfit above, I added a snake print bag to add some interest to my outfit. Check out the original post HERE.

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