Thursday, February 14, 2019

Eight ways I have styled my red wide leg Pants

My red wide leg pants is definitely one of my closet staples. I have had this pair for years; purchased years ago from the Victorias Secret Body by Victoria Collection. The pants was a splurge at the time but it has proven its worth over time; its quality and fit is impeccable. It proves that though affordable fashion is ideal, we have to ensure too that we are buying quality pieces no matter how cheap, affordable or expensive an item is. The overall quality is what should determine where we put our money. Some items can be expensive but the quality might not be great like some designer items; in some cases, consumers are just paying for the designer label rather than the quality of the item itself. And in other cases, some fashion items are cheap or very affordable and their quality is good and matches the price; meaning you actually get what you paid for.

"One of my goals this year is to make sure I invest in quality; this means quality time spent in doing things of great meaning or good cause, quality relationship with family and friends, quality time spent in devotion, meditation and things and activities that promote the overall quality of life."

This post highlights the different ways I have styled this red wide leg pant over the years. In the Pic above, I styled the pants with a graphic tee to create a monochrome look. I love graphic tees that promote great inspirational messages and I was so impressed with this "LOVE" graphics sweatshirt that I purchased it in a black color too. Check out the original post Here.

In the post above, I paired my red pants with a red top in a similar red shade as the pants to create a sort of jumpsuit effect. In my styling, I let the tee drape over the pants but if you want to create a more realistic faux "Jumpsuit look," tuck the top into the pants and use a belt to cinch the waist. A belt in the same shade as both top and bottom would do the trick perfectly.

I have paired my pants with a blazer in a similar color to create a red pant suit. And if the colors of the pieces are matched perfectly, you would never think the blazer and pants are separates. In the pairing above, I layered a brown tank top underneath my blazer and accessorized the outfit with a brown sequins bag. Check out the original post Here

I have paired my red pants with a black sweater or top over the years which really is a very obvious pairing. Red and black go together nicely. In the styling above, I layered a black long coat over my outfit the whole time to create a more dramatic effect. Check out the original post Here.

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I paired my red pant suit with a black blazer here to create a pant suit separates. I wore a taupe color body suit shirt and taupe color, tan or nude pairs nicely with red. The striped scarf was added to create further interest or texture. Check out the original post Here.


I have paired my red pants with a white polka dots blouse and I love the contrast of the black against the red. Pairing the pants with a plain white top would work too but I think it makes a better statement with the white polka dots blouse.  Check out the original  post Here.

A red pant suit can be elevated with the addition of prints. This can be in the form of a floral blouse, abstract prints blouse or in the styling above, leopard prints. Leopard prints and red is such a unique combination. Check out the original post Here.

I tried pairing my red pant suit with a red polka dots blouse in the pic above and though it was a lot of red going on in the outfit, I like that the simple ruffle detail on the blouse created some unique effect. And textures and little details like ruffles and prints can make a monochrome outfit look interesting. Check out the original post Here.

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