Thursday, August 16, 2018

What to do with old trendy pieces in your Closet

Hi Friends, happy Thursday 😀 I'm sharing an old look from my blog folder for this post on a throwback Thursday. (These pics were in my folder for about a year and were not blogged before now mostly because of the quality but I I tried to edit the pictures with the Snapseed App a bit and decided to blog them anyway). This pineapple prints skirt from Ann Taylor  is an old piece from my closet and I have styled it several times on the blog before in this post here and here.  It was so popular two summers ago because of the beautiful unusual pineapple print and there were about three pieces in the collection as it is usual with some of these trendy summer prints; there were dresses, skirts and shorts. For this look, I paired the skirt with a chambray shirt and block heel sandals and a "big-hair-don't-care" attitude 😁 I have worn this outfit a couple of times (since) after the day these pics were taken, mostly to church. And this brings me to the main idea behind this post; what do you do with very old trendy pieces in your closet?

We all know those trendy pieces that show up everywhere in the summer time especially among fashion bloggers; like this Chicwish Telephone print midi skirt from two summers ago or this J. Crew Floral skirt here. Then there are the accessories; remember the Valentino rock stud heels of years ago and the Aquazzura fringe heel sandals? Well, where are they now? While I advocate for everyone to keep updated about fashion trends (at least that is the purpose of this blog), I would caution that there need to be restraint when you buy any trendy piece especially when it is a splurge. Now, what do you do with your old trendy pieces aside from donating them or reselling them at a discounted price? You can restyle them for "Throw back Thursday" or "Flash back Friday!" Yes, you can wear those old pieces without guilt or shame on both days and even brag about them on social media...hehehe 😂 It's your outfit or accessory after all and you can do with them whatever you want or wear them whenever you want! As for me, I'm definitely going to keep wearing and restyling my old trendy fashion pieces and posting them on the blog from time to time 😎 More on this topic later and thanks so much for reading.

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                                                     Shirt                                Sandal



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  1. Thanks for this post, sis! I just hate it when so-called fashion police tell people what's in and what's out. I just want everything to stay in my closet and wear them out when I want to.


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