Monday, October 3, 2016

Vested for Work

Hi Ladies, happy Monday! For work wear Monday today, the topic is on "work vests." And before I begin;  I'll like to make this proclamation; "move over blazers!"
Gone are the days when blazers used to be the only chic outer wear for work and take note that I said "chic!" What I mean is that there were other outer wear options back then but blazers and jackets were the reigning queens. Fast forward to 2016 and "who is the boss now?" You guessed right! "The sleeves vests."
Sleeveless vests are so chic and classy and when styled right would look effortlessly chic in the office. Ladies, It is important to style the sleeveless vest right based on the event and the occasion because it is a clothing item that seems casual at first glance. To look chic in work vests, you have to make sure you get all the accessories right; the shoes, bag and jewelry have to be toned down if the vest is the main focus of the outfit and vice versa.
Work vests should be structured and fitted and the basic rules you'll follow when buying blazer for work should be applied when purchasing the work vests too. It should be made of good quality fabric and aside from fabric, silhouette and cut, we should also pay attention to the color that is allowed for work. If your work environment is very formal then buy neutral color vests and stay away from bold colors, florals and other graphic prints. Below are a couple of style boards and summary of tips to guide us when styling work vests.
Corporate Workwear

                                                              Casual Workwear


Tips for styling Work Vests

  • Get a well structured and fitted vest
  • Pay attention to the color because neutrals work best for most work environment.
  • Complement your vest with good quality accessories.
  • When your vest is in a soft or neutral color, highlight one or two accessories.
  • If you must do florals and prints, make sure the prints/florals is easy on the eyes
  • Wear your vests with confidence just like you would wear a good structured blazer.

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  1. Hi Beauty, I totally agree with you. I love long vests. The simplicity makes us look so effortless. Your sets are beautiful!

  2. Vests are so chic and one can serve you in so many ways! (Talking from experience)😜😜

    1. Thanks Barbara; so good to see you here..:-)

  3. I totally agree with you. I wear vest/ duster alot this time of the year

    1. Thanks Bukky; I am so happy you stopped by here..:-) Have a great week.

  4. That 4th set is so chic , o really like what put together here . I love the sleeveless vest too.

  5. I LOVE these looks. So fab hun! I definitely have a few long vests that I incorporate into both my casual and dressy looks as well.

  6. move over blazers for sure! well, i love my blazers but vests, are slowly stealing my heart.

  7. Yep I'm on board with this too. I have a brown one like the one you have pictured that I got from Black and White Market that I've been wearing to death. That grey one above is just dreamy.

  8. Hey girl! I love vests period! Long or short, j'adore! I have both long and short versions of the beige. I love the looks you created girl. Great inspo. Hope your week is going great. Kisses!

  9. Great outfits.I have always been a Vest gal because they hide the love handles and also own a few of the longer vests.


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