Friday, December 19, 2014

Repeat Mode

Sweater Dress: Victoria Secret: old
Jacket: Wilsons leather: old
Boots: Report Signature
Bag: Jacqueline ferrar
Lace socks: Express: old
Animal prints scarf: Target: old

Hi Friends; I'm so excited writing this post for a number of reasons. First of all, my vacation starts today and I do not go back to work until five days into the new year...:-). Secondly, I get to relax and spend time with my family and then Christmas is just a few days away. I had a somewhat busy day today as I had to do some chores. I picked up the kids from school this afternoon and took them to the dentist for their cleaning/hygiene appointment then we went to Chuck E Cheese afterwards and had lunch and played games. The Chuck E Cheese in my neighborhood has very good food and we love to go there now and then. We had pepperoni pizza, fries and buffalo wings with delicious vanilla ice-cream for dessert; yum!...:-).

This simple outfit; an old Victorias secret sweater dress is what I wore. I love to wear sweater dresses in the winter and this particular one has been in heavy rotation and repeat mode over the years. You can see previous feature here, here, here. The weather was in the upper twenties and not too cold but I'm tired of all the cloudy days we have been having over here. We need some sun please..
Hey guys, guess who featured on the blog again today? Meet my peeps...

My oldest one Zoe (7)

My second one Zoza (5)

My little ones Ziva and Zion (3 and 11 months)

Zoza and Ziva (the ladies in the house...:-))

Zoe, Zoza, Ziva and Zion.

My little one turns one on Christmas day and I'm planning to have a party for him. I know I have said this so many times on the blog already...:-). I'm just so excited guys; don't blame me. God has really been good to me. I hope you are all planning to spend the Christmas with friends and family. Are you willing to share your plans for the Christmas with me? Check out the ongoing Giveaway on the blog; only a few hours left and Giveaway will close at midnight today.

                                                          Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                     Beauty Ojo


  1. Happy birthday to your little one, Beauty! All your kids are so beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Great pics of your peeps, Beauty:) They're all cuties. And I can see why you love this sweater dress. Looks great for winter for sure.:)

  3. Your kids are so beautiful.... I have the baby fever now

  4. Thanks so much for your comments ladies; they are all my blog photographers except the little one...:-)

  5. Hi Beauty! You look gorgeous, love that kind of style! Your kids are so so sweet, congrats you have such beautiful family! Enjoy the holidays, kisses! xo

  6. I plan to spend the day with my family. I didn't realize you had four little ones Beauty. Wishing you guys all the best for the new year.

    1. Yes, I do...:-). Merry Christmas and happy new year to you too.


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