Saturday, August 23, 2014

What I want for Fall

Adrianna Papell knit cowl neck sweater
$63 -

L K Bennett single breasted coat
$540 -

Strappy shoes

TOMS slip on shoes
$8.29 -

ASOS snake skin purse
$46 -

MONNALISA Navy White Stripped Girls Skirt
$37 -

Saint Joseph New American Bible (Gift Edition)

                                                                    What I want for Fall

1. The Bible:  
My bible is definitely one item I have to have with me at all times; thanks to the Logos App on my phone. However, I need to purchase a new Bible in print form because it's been a while since I purchased my last one and it's starting to look worn. Now, I can't be wearing cute shoes on my feet to church and carrying an old, worn bible...:-). Times are hard and strange these days and God's word is the only thing that can make a difference in the world we live in. Just look at it; Ebola, Gaza, Ukraine, Hamas, Israel, Ferguson; unless you have been living in a remote deserted island and of which I would say "welcome back from your vacation!," you will agree with me that there is a lot going on in the world right now which aint't pretty. I say again with deep conviction that only God can make the difference. He alone heals all wounds and gives joy and blessings to the needy. Studying his word every day and praying to him is the key to unlock all doors. So, please, the bible is an essential tool or accessory for all time.

2. Faux Fur Snood: 
The faux fur snood is not only stylish but also gives warmth and can come really useful in those early mornings or evenings when the fall weather seems to be at its best.

3. Stripped Knit Tee:
Stripes are definitely trending right now and they give some sort of edge to any outfit. Any color stripe would do but the black and white lines seem to be more eye catchy. It also acts as a sort of neutral piece these days as it can go with any other color or any fashion piece.

4. Khaki Trench Coat:
The Khaki trench coat never left the scene and can be worn all year round but I would say it is most appropriate for the fall and spring seasons. In the winter time, a heavier jacket is an essential. However some trench coats are heavy and well layered and can be great for winter too.

5. Open Toe booties:
This gives a nice transition from the summer to the fall season. It shows that you are aware that the weather is changing and getting colder and that you are ready to deal with it in style...:-). They come in various designs ranging from lace-ups to buckles and straps and can also be cute as plain open toe booties. The heels also vary too. They can be stiletto heels or block heels. They can also be high heeled, mid heeled or flats.

6. Cross body bag:
The cross body bag like the trench coat has always been there and does not seem to be going anywhere. They can also make a great fashion statement when they are in a nice punch of color. For mothers with young kids, the cross body bag is an essential bag. You can have all your knick-knacks stowed away and still have two hands free to multi task around the little ones. I think every student should own one too.When you must take those stack of books to the library or class and you want to look cool doing so, the cross body bag or messenger bag like some people call it, is very essential.

7. Loafers:
Loafers, brogues and all kinds of flats are trending this fall which seem to suggest that fall fashion might be laid back.

8. Stripped Skirt:
The stripped skirt is playing to the theme of "anything Stripes" and they can be bold stripes or thin stripes. It does not matter the width or length of the stripes, the visual interest is what is important. Stripped pieces just make a wardrobe fun.

9. Denim Jacket:
This piece is again just like its counter part; trench coat and cross body bag. They are basic wardrobe essentials. The denim jacket is great for layering and in fall, that is what dressing is all about.

10. Strappy Sandals:
The "strappy sandals" are a great trend this summer and they would continue into fall. They come in pretty colors with gold or silver buckle accents and they give a cool edge to an outfit.

11. Cape Jacket. 
Fall jackets are going to be more fun these fall with boleros and cape jackets taking over the scene. The important thing is looking well put together and presentable. The cape jacket does not have to be expensive but it just has to be fun.

       So that's my list for fall/autumn. You can check out my previous summer list here.

                                                  Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                 Beauty Ojo



  1. Great Wish List! Especially the Trench and the Heels are wonderful <3
    i follow new ,mind follow back?

    Lovely Greets from Austria xoxo

    1. Thanks T; I'll be stopping at your blog right away.

  2. I like a lot of the things on your fall wish list, too. I've also been wanting a new bible. I really like the bibles that translate the scriptures into easier to understand text... :)

    1. I totally agree with you Dee. I'm always happy to read your comments and views.

  3. Gorgeous selections!
    Love that coat!


  4. Cool finds.

    XoXo :) nikki

  5. Wow, it's great to see the bible listed on your wishlist. That is something I rarely ever see on anyone's wishlist. These days I always seek to the bible for words of wisdom and guidance. I need a new bible too!
    I also want that khaki trench coat, open toe booties and that stripped skirt!

    1. Thanks a lot; the bible is # 1 essential for life.

  6. Such beautiful fall items Beauty, loving the cape and the striped skirt!
    It is indeed very rare to see a beautiful new bible on a stylebloggers wishlist!
    It makes you all the more special to me;)

    Kisses Tamara ChloƩ


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