Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Summer of Button Downs…

                       The Denim Shirt, the Chambray Shirt and the Silk shirt.

It is all about the button down shirts this summer; the denim shirt or jean shirt is trending this season and though it has been around since last summer, it definitely has gone up a notch. This button down shirt is a timeless clothing piece that has been around for years. It was a major trend in the late eighties to early nineties (and yes I am that old!..:-) ) and now it is back in style.

 Also, the beauty of this piece is the fact that it can be dressed down over a pair of jeans, tights or shorts or dressed up when tucked into a pencil, flare or full skirt. It also can have embellishments, can be ombre or floral. Also trending this season is the silk shirt; this can be in plain solid color or with contrast trim. Like the denim shirt, the silk shirt can be dressed up or down.

Then  there is the color block shirt; very pretty and feminine. It's contrasting colors add glam to whatever piece it is paired with. It is not a perfect piece for work attire but it's definitely a good choice for a casual or dressy outing.

Photos taken from Victoriassecret.com and Loft.com

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  1. Yes, it is and i am loving it. Hoping to get a couple of really nice ones myself soon. Good job with these picks.


  2. They really are great to have....very versatile for sure:)

  3. I love the ones with breasted pockets. Nice job!

  4. Sigh...I still haven't found a denim or chambray shirt that works for me. But silk I can do!

  5. I love button downs! They are so easy to dress up or down!

    <3 Shannon


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