Monday, February 18, 2013

My - Part Two

So, I did spend some valuable time in my Closet or Shoe-room as I sometimes call it...:) It used to be a nightmare trying to get dressed as things were always so disorganized in there. After toying with several options; whether to put similar clothing items together like skirts on one side and dresses on the other or to put similar colors together, I finally just took a plunge and dealt with the situation outright!

I finally decided on using both methods I had been debating in my mind for ages. I put all the jackets and outerwear on one rack where I could easily reach them while I put all other items on another rack on the side where I tried to do some color organization by putting similar colors together. Then I stashed some of my bags on a shelve in between both clothing racks. A few of the bags that could not be stashed on the shelve either because they are a little pricey..**wink!**wink!!..or easily damaged were hung on the walls as some sort of display.Also,  I always stick in cut pieces of cardboard into my boots to keep them straight and in shape for next usage.

 Since I have a little closet, I really wanted to get my organization right by taking note of where everything was kept. I did some DIY on a box where I keep my clutches but left it in the same corner where it used to be. Then, my sandals and everyday shoes or flats were stashed in a neat pile by my clutch box.

My Old Closet View: Check out the post here...

My New Closet View

This is the old view of the little corner

This is the same clutch-box but I just did some DIY on it by glamming it up with some stick-ons.

I do not own a lot of jewelry (accessories) and since I do not have jewelry drawers in my closet, I decided to put some of my bracelets in an old velvet box which I put up on the shelve in a corner.

Other jewelry pieces were stored in clear zipper bags where I can see them easily and then, I stored them in a little basket. When I'm able to get a bigger closet with shelves and drawers, it will be easy to transfer them.
So, that's my newly-reorganized closet space and I hope to keep it looking organized.

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to share in my makeover journey. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on how you have handled or made over a small space in the past.



  1. I think you did a good job. I try to keep my closet organized by color. Earlier this year I got rid of a lot of things I wasn't using, and if I buy something I try to give or donate something. One in one out. Take care.

  2. Waoh, that's a nIce way of organizing a Closet space. I love that kind of giving. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Can you please come and organize my closet. The only thing that makes sense in my closet is my bag stash, but even that is starting to get cluttered. Everything else is a giant mess. Come help me!!

  4. hehehehe....:) you are so funny.


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