Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Forever What???

So, it's been like two, three days since I last posted to my blog? I don't think so...:) You see, my blog has become like my best friend and what do you do with a best friend? You chat and enjoy each other's company. One fact about me; I do not really have close girlfriends I can chat with about fashion and all that all the time.  The very few ones I have are busy with family, school and work like me. The only time we get together is in the summer time when we organize parties and other activities for the kids. During this period, (cold winter) we just text and play tag on our phones. So, now you know why my blog has become my best friend. I just sign in and chat about whatever I like...:)

I was on some sort of shopping freeze for the past months which I had to do out of necessity. I had so much stuff in my closet which were collecting dust by the day because I never touched them. I had to reorganize my wardrobe and donated items I did not want while I tried to love all the other pieces. The shopping freeze or ban was finally lifted by moi but with conditions...:) I would only buy items that I totally and really need. Gone are those days when I used to shop just for fun or as a therapy after having a stressful week or just to show off...:) **Come on, you know ladies do that..

So, I do not have a vest and I have always wanted to own one. They glam up an outfit and are so cool for the spring season when the heavy jackets are no longer needed. More so, after doing a post on "Winter Must-haves" which you can read here, I decided to go ahead and get my first vest. I did some research on polyvore and saw this cool black vest pictured above from Forever 21 for $19.99! As you can guess, "yours truly" ordered it right away!!

In my younger days when I was single, Forever 21 was my best place to shop along with the department store Wet Seal. But after three kids and gaining about 20 pounds, I was not a fan of any of these stores as it was always difficult to get anything in my size and I felt most of their items were too sexy and clingy and thus meant for the younger ladies. So, I reverted to stores like Tj Maxx, Macy's, Loft and Victoriassecret to name a few. However, I wanted to make good use of the discount on the website; free shipping on items over $50,  so, I decided to check their clearance items to see if there was anything I liked and these are all the items I ordered below;

Faux Fur Vest with belt: $19.99

Longline Duo-Toned Sweater: $7.99

Speckled High-Rise Pants: $9:99

Essential Cuffed Ankle Pants with belt: $11.99

Essential Mini Gingham Pants: $10:99

As always most of their pants stopped at size 12 and I am a size 13 but I decided to order them anyway and I'll just give them away if they do not fit.

Oh, I almost ended this post without completing the story. So, I took another peek on the website again days after I ordered my items. I was looking for a cobalt blue blazer which was on my wish list for spring and they had these two incredible blazers at good prices on Forever 21 website.

This cobalt blue blazer was $15 but I did not really like the fabric even though the color and cut was great.

I settled instead for this blazer with a very stylish cut but it was $34. 80

This last purchase almost made me do the cat-wheels! This beautiful floral blazer was on sale for $15.99 and what's more; it's in my favorite colors; purple and green.

So, that's my first major purchase after a long time but **ssshhh** let's not count the shoes please...:) I think I just heard my door bell; got to go....

Wow!! my packages came! Look forward to seeing these items on my blog and let's hope the pants fit; fingers crossed!


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