Saturday, February 16, 2013

NY Fashion Week-2013

 I hope everyone is doing great and well. I have been busy with work and school and decided to take a little break to comment on the on-going or just concluded Fashion Week. I do not think I have ever done a post on Fashion Week on my blog just as I do not like to comment on Award shows/Red carpet events; the main reason being that these stars or Hollywood celebrities usually require a "Glam Squad" to look the way they do. They have stylists, image consultants, dietitians, personal trainers and all that to help them look great all the time and are thus different from the average fashionista who does not have this squad but yet still looks glam. Therefore, I leave all these people alone and none of them are my Fashion/Style Icon.
However, over the years, I have paid close attention to a "Global and Mega" fashion icon; the beautiful and stylish VICTORIA BECKHAM!! and when she made a grand impact on New York Fashion Week, I could not help but break a tradition on my blog. And so, I think I can say for now that she is my fashion icon. 

VB is a beautiful married woman of four who has not paused for a minute with her style or passion for fashion. What is more? She is married to one of the most handsome dudes on the face of the earth and together, they have the cutest family ever!! When I learnt years ago that the couple was moving from the UK to the USA, my heart stopped for a minute because I was like; "ooohh oh, here comes drama, here comes the break-up!" But the couple seems to have gotten even closer with the move and even added a new angel, Harper, to the brood. Okay, I have to stop gushing...I was just going to comment on the NYC fashion week right? Well, here are some pictures from the show.

VB's fashion collection was very much true to her style; sleek, fitted and elegant. However, instead of putting her models in those sky-high heels that she is well known for, they all wore these super cute booties of modest heel height. There were lots of monochrome design and beautiful fabric in solid colors and some color blocking. My favorites were all the cobalt blue color designs. Also, Cobalt blue is a color that seems not to be going anywhere even with the announcement by Pantone that Emerald is the color of the season. These, below are my best looks from the show..

                                                   These looks below are my least favorites...

I loved most of the looks that had the high necks or turtle neck and they are definitely suitable for Fall. With this, I say Kudos to VB. She has certainly done well.

And to all those critics out there, who criticize Victoria for her famous pout and the fact that she rarely smiles; what do you think of the photo below?

It is true in life that no matter what you do, or how great you are, there will always be some critics out there. There will be a lot of people waiting to bring you down at the slightest opportunity. So with this, I say it is obvious that VB rarely smiles and goes about with a pout but she has never made an interview where she proclaimed that she is a perfect being or an angel. So, to those critics, why don't you talk about all her achievements instead? She is a hardworking married woman of four who is a great role model for all women out there. She has never been (to the best of my knowledge) photographed in a compromising situation; doing drugs, getting drunk or being arrested as most other celebrities are known for. I wish her and her great husband and beautiful family; many,many happy years ahead.

Photo Credits:, and Google.
I would like to close this post with these words;
A family that prays and play together, stay together.
A family that supports and comforts one another, conquers all and suffers none.
Beauty Ojo


  1. Yes I am here for team Posh & Becks. I think it says a lot that so many other celebrities wear her clothing. I love the clean lines and impeccable tailoring of her pieces. My fave from the pics is that grey dress with the slits at the top and bottom. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Yes!! I absolutely adore that grey dress too and I love the fact that all her designs are very modest and chic.

  3. Jealousssssssssssss wanted to go to that show :)

  4. Hi Kellz, I did not go to NYFW; too busy with the kids and I pulled off the pics from the web. Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll pay you a blog visit soon...:)

  5. I totally agree with you on the "Glam Squad"... I believe that when the public visits our blogs, they are looking for people they can relate to and clothing/styles that they can imitate if they are fond of it. It is hard to imitate celebrity style, lol. ;) Great post!

  6. Love love love VB and her family,
    she has an amazing style

  7. Yes she does..I love her style too.


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