Sunday, July 8, 2012

The little red dress...

Hi beautiful readers..this is what I wore to church today; "a cute little structured sleeves red dress." I thought it was a nice finale to the independence week to put on something red to further the sense of patriotism. I was so excited when I bought this dress for under $20.00 at Burlington Coat factory. It was missing the original belt that came with it and might be the reason it ended up on the clearance rack. I liked the shade of red and the structure of the dress and not daunted by the missing belt, I snatched up the good deal...:) I went ahead and got my own belt for the dress, added some other accessories and vio la!!...:)

Dress: Burlington Coat factory
Handbag: Jessica Simpson
Black patent pumps: Quipid
Necklace and bracelet: Gifted
Belt: Target Stores
Ring: Random

I wish everyone a lovely week. Thanks for visiting my blog and leave comments and questions if you want. Remember the world is a better place with love but the greatest love of all is the gift of resurrection of his son that God gave to us. We only need to believe...:) **kisses**



  1. I love the details in the sleeve so much n the color stunning

  2. looking gorgeous, red and animal print is a match made in heaven, this is my first time on your blog and I love it

  3. Thanks Nancie. I sure would visit you back..:)

  4. You look great!! That back is so bomb, Jessica Simpson is the best!

    Editor & Chic

    1. Yeah, Jessica Simpson does have a nice collection of bags at affordable prices. Thanks so much for visiting..I'll check on you too..:)

  5. The red dress is lovely. I particularly love the folds on the neckline -its rather creative.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you on blogloving now hope you do the same


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