Friday, July 13, 2012

Gold Tones Friday..

It's weekend...Yippeeee! I'm so excited because I was able to get a lot of stuff done during the week which includes school work and house chores. I also took some time off to blog which has been some sort of relaxation technique lately. It's been nice connecting with  those awesome blogger(s) who took time out to visit my blog and left comments. Thanks a lot..**smiles**

This post is titled "Gold Tones Friday" for obvious reasons. The brown and tan ensemble has a pop of gold color to tie everything together. Formal, simple and chic...:)

Do not mind my choice of location for this shoot. Something about the dirt road/path leading to the sports park appealed to me. Maybe because, you have to dig deep into dirt/soil to reach for gold and other treasures. You can never find gold and diamonds laying on top of the soil or flying around in outer space..No! No!! You have to get your hands dirty...right?

From the pictures below, you can see that I have a little belly bump which is an evidence of my last adventure at the obgyn room not too long ago. The stiff fabric of the skirt also accentuated or exaggerated it. It is not as bad as it looks though...:) and I am also working on it. Exercise should be a part of everyone's routine.

Dark brown sheer blouse with slit blouson sleeves from tjmaxx. See similar blouse from Victoriassecret here

Khaki Straight skirt from Gap

Ring from Burlington and bracelets are random purchase.

Shoes are from Victoriassecret catalogue.

Crafted gold-tone tote is thrifted

Gold tone and leather chain belt is also thrifted.

 Now, I have to run off to get some more stuff done..:) My weekend always ends with a grand finale which is being in church on Sunday. The worship does not end that day though. It continues all through the week. I make God every part of my plan for each day because without him, I am nothing. He is the giver of life and my everything. Thanks so much for visiting. I love you all but God loves you most...**Kisses!!!**



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