Wednesday, July 25, 2012


My dressy tank-top

This post is about one of my latest buys; a lime color knit top I talked about in a previous post. I have always wanted a dressy top I could wear to events like family picnics and barbecues in the Summer time and when I saw this pretty tank top with fun ruffles on Metrostyle's website, I knew right away it was the top I wanted. It was on clearance too and even with shipping and handling, it still came under twenty dollars.

Now my top is here and the next thing is styling it. I created two collages on my deck of two ways I can wear the top and here are some pictures.

Here, I paired the top with a black A-line skirt skirt and a cute little stone studded clutch. My intention is to wear some really cute black high heeled shoes with it and I knew it had to be something a little glossy. So, I laid out some of my black patent heels on the collage. Since, it was a tough choice deciding what shoe is the most appropriate, I left the collage just the way it is. The day I am ready to wear my top, I'll make the shoe decision.

The collage below looks a lot like the one above except for the fact that I switched the black A-line skirt for a denim skirt which I designed myself. I got the denim fabric at the fabric store, sketched the design of the skirt which is a straight skirt with ruffled hem and gave it to my seamstress who made the skirt. You can see how I wore the skirt in a previous post here. I do not know how to sew that much and my sewing machine which I bought over three years ago is still sitting in my storage room in its packaging never opened. However, I do look forward to learning how so, I can make lots of cool stuff for myself and my kids.

Anyway, back to my outfit collage. I accessorized the denim skirt with a silver clutch and some fun silver heels. Again, I do not know which is the best shoes to wear and since they are all the same color, or almost the same shade, I will make my decision at the last minute when it is time to dress up.

My cute lime color knit tank top can also be worn off the shoulders and I think that is really cool..

Although my top came in a nice condition, I am a little bit disappointed at the color because if you look at this same picture of the dress above that was featured on the site, it has more neon tones to it. Or maybe it is the way lightning was utilized during the shoot. Another concern I have is that I also have several outfits in my closet in this same color and though it is one of my best colors, it is starting to give me a cause for concern. Below are some of the pictures I have of previous posts...

I took this pic on a rainy morning on my deck. To see more pictures of this post, check here..

This picture was also taken the same day as the above pic was taken. It was rainy and windy. To see more pics, check out here..

I am going to put a stop to buying any more lime color or chatreuse outfits from now on because I still have a couple of them I have not shown yet on my blog. Thanks for reading my blog and do leave comments if you like..Do you have several outfits of the same color in your closet?



  1. lovely lime dress, totally gorgeous xoxo
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