Tuesday, December 20, 2022

DIY Christmas: How to achieve a stress-free holiday season

       It's Christmas season again, five days to Christmas to be exact; the beautiful season of giving. We know this is the season of love and of family and of friendships and connections. As we plan the parties and events, let's do everything we can to take the stress out of the season and that is the purpose of this blog post; it's a gentle reminder that we need to take things easy plus some tips on how to do it.

There is so much stress associated with gift giving, decor and party planning every year and if you are yet to make up your mind on what to gift to friends and family, think about some of these ideas below.

  • Gift Cards: Gift cards is always a good idea this season; they can be mailed or sent electronically to emails. If you have lots of nieces and nephews you want to send gift cards to, get their email addresses ahead of time. You can also send electronic gift cards from a favorite store or restaurant to your friend or family if you can afford it. Gift certificates from spas and salon is also a great idea.

  • Grocery / Food Delivery: We live in a world of online shopping and delivery which thankfully includes grocery and food delivery. Plan your Christmas menu ahead of time and go to your favorite restaurants and deli ahead of time to put in your order. Christmas is on a Sunday this year and there would certainly be limited deliveries because it's the weekend. Why not get your meals ahead of time and store them in your freezer and throw them in the oven on Christmas morning? You can also order food or grocery to be delivered to your family and friends and they will appreciate the thought. Drinks and wine can also be delivered too if you don't know 😀

  • Christmas Decor: Too busy to get and decorate a Christmas tree? I have an idea for you! Get some dried branches from around the house and get some paint supplies from the craft store and paint away. The kids would love this art project too. You can paint the branches any color you want and when the paint is dry, put the branches in a vase and hang some ornaments on them. You can also wrap lights around the branches and believe me when I tell you that this is a very fun and beautiful decor to have in the Christmas season and it can be a conversation starter too if you have people over. You can also fill clear vases and glasses with ornaments to use as decor and center piece.

  • Gift Wrap Ideas: We know that the amount spent on gifts and gift wrapping can easily add up during this season so think of DIY gift wrapping like using recycled clean brown paper bags from the store. Use some strings from the craft store to wrap around gift, add some ornaments and bows and you are good to go. I wish you a stress-free Christmas and a happy holiday season. 🎄

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