Thursday, June 20, 2019

Floral Culottes and my tip for styling a button down Shirt

Hi Friends, it's been a while. I have been taking these mini vacations from the blog lately; not my intention to do so but I am loving it. I have been having so much fun behind the scenes. The kids are home on summer break and we have been spending time together doing lots of fun activities which involves lots of eating too. If you notice, I have put on some extra pounds which I don't plan to keep on 😁 This outfit is what I wore to Church on Sunday for the Father's Day Celebration and I love how formal yet playful it looks. I have had this floral culottes for a long time now. I purchased it from Loft two summers ago along with this matching prints summer dress blogged about here.    


I paired the culottes with a tan color button down shirt and a pair of statement pumps and my vintage black purse; very simple and chic outfit. When I got back from Church, I changed into the matching print cold shoulder dress    to host the BBQ party we had at home and we had so much fun. Wearing the two pieces on the same day was a chic styling tip in my opinion. As to the styling of my culottes, I love to tuck in my button down shirts into my bottoms for a very chic and elevated look and one way I make sure my shirt always stay tucked in is by wearing body suit - button down shirts. This tan color shirt was purchased from Victorias' Secret years ago when they had a clothing line  You can find a similar shirt here on the J Crew Site  which is very affordable compared to this piece here. The body suit style ensures that your button down shirt stays tucked in the whole time you are wearing it and it pays to have a couple of such shirts in your closet if you are into formal or corporate dressing. How did you spend your Father's Day weekend? Thank you so much for stopping by here.

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  1. Even though I'm short, I'm such a fan of culottes. I don't have any floral ones though. You look perfect in these!

  2. Those very pretty floral print culottes look wonderful styled with the tan Victoria's Secret blouse!
    Your perfectly applied lipstick looks very pretty as well. You look fabulous!


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