Thursday, February 28, 2019

New in: Velvet Blazer + Cute Flats

In my last post, I talked about my recent shopping trip to Arc's Value Village and these are the pieces I purchased at the store; this blue velvet blazer and the two pairs of blue color flats. If you are not familiar with Arc's Value village, it's a thrift and consignment shop in my city that sells good quality pre loved fashion, accessories, housewares, furniture and books, DVDs and craft supplies. Since I have shared so much about this store in my previous posts here and here and here, I'll go on ahead and talk about this haul. So, I have wanted a blue velvet blazer for a while now and whenever I'm at the store, I head first to the blazers and outer wear racks and I usually find a great piece or two after sorting through these two racks. By the way, the store is clean and well organized and this makes it easy to find great pieces. I found the above blue velvet blazer within five minutes of being in the store and just in my size! The velvet was listed for $9.99 which was a good deal because it was in a great condition. I also got this two pairs of blue flats from the store and in almost new condition.

The blue velvet blazer has three buttons which are all intact and it is important for me to mention this. I tell you, if you shop at a thrift store or in the clearance department at the store, always make sure you check your items thoroughly; scrutinize it very well and check out the fit in the dressing room before you make a purchase. Sometimes, some items are missing buttons or have broken zippers or little dent or scratch here and there. This tip applies to new clothing or accessories too whether you are shopping for them in the store or online. In the case of this blazer, all the buttons were intact like I said and it was just a little worn. The clothing tag was split in two and the blazer was a little short; I usually like my blazers long but the short length did not bother me too much. I look further to styling this with a pair of light blue denim and over dresses and pants.

I scored this pair of blue spiked denim flats at the store too and they were new with just a little dent here and there probably resulting from how they were stored by the previous owner. The flats were listed for $4.49 and were originally from Nordstrom. You can see from the pictures above that they are in very good condition. Do you know that Arc's Value Village gets donations from stores and businesses too? Yes, they do.

Next up, is this pair of beautiful blue embellished velvet flats that were listed at $8.49. I thought they were a little pricey but I got them anyway. The flats were new too but had a couple of scratches mostly at the bottom which was no problem. After I wiped them down with a soft towel dabbed with a little dish soap, they looked better and the crystal embellishments just sparkled. I have a feeling this pair is going to be my favorite pair of shoes this summer because I have been really into embellished shoes lately.  We have four locations of the Arc's Value Village store  in my state of Minnesota. If you do not have the store in your city, you can check them out on Facebook here.

*This Post is brought to you in partnership with Arc's Value Village but all opinions expressed are based on my personal shopping experience.*

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