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How to get unique fashion pieces for your Closet

Hi Friends; it's been cold and cloudy in my neck of the woods and I have not been able to take any recent pics to update the blog. These pics were taken a couple of weeks ago and in it I am wearing a sari like lace dress that I have had in my closet for a while now. (The dress is quite old so I do not remember what store I got it from; probably T.J. Maxx because I shopped there a lot years ago). The champagne lace dress is a beautiful sari (Indian cultural attire) with very unique floral lace details and unique pattern running from the neckline to the hem and long slits on the sides. I styled it by layering it over a pair of wine burgundy corduroy pants and completed the look with a burgundy color velvet clutch and floral embellished pumps. I wore the outfit to Church on a not so chilly day and it was days right after the beautiful wedding of Nick Jonas and Priyanka. Since it was still fall at the time, the color palette was very appropriate. was And this brings me to the title of this blog post; getting unique fashion pieces for our closets.

"As I said in a previous post; there is not much gain in acquiring and consuming material possessions. It is time to invest in things that give life more meaning like making memories with Family and Friends and investing in things that build up our faith and spirituality."

One of my goals this year is to shop my closet more and only purchase very unique pieces for my closet. To achieve this, I intend to start consuming fashion in a different way; in a more responsible and thrifty manner. Also, I intend to do a lot of restyling of my closet pieces and my plan to achieving success is by following the steps below.

Declutter and reorganize

 The benefits of having a clutter free and organized space cannot be overemphasized and the fact that the closet can easily become the space that needs the most organization in the home cannot be ignored. So, I'll start first by going through my closet and sorting through everything; donating clothes and accessories that do not fit or are rarely used and only keeping the fashion items that I need and making sure they are organized and laid out in an easy way for future use. for now, my winter wardrobe are all within reach in my closet while the summer pieces are way at the back with some items even kept in storage boxes and containers till they are needed.

DIYs and creative tailoring

Creative tailoring like adjusting hems of very long or short fashion pieces and DIYs can create totally new looks that make the garment different from how it was made originally thereby creating a new look. Old pieces can also be given new life by simply changing out buttons or adding sashes and obi belts to blazers and dresses. For example, I ordered this pair of glitter pumps  for the holiday and wanted to change the look a little bit so I ordered this pair of shoe clips and glued them on the pumps to achieve a somewhat different pair of shoes that I styled with this dress here and kind of like the  embellished floral pumps I am wearing in this post here. You can also shop customized fashion website like eShakti.

Shop on Etsy

Etsy is a site where you can find very unique items like handmade pieces that are usually one of a kind because they are not mass produced. On this site, you can find artists and artisans from all over the world selling all kinds of products. However, before you buy anything on this site or any other site, make sure you read customer reviews and pay close attention to the pictures of the product including the product description.

Shop at Thrift, vintage and consignment stores 

If you want to have very unique pieces in your closet or your home, try shopping at vintage, thrift or consignment stores. You'll save a lot of money while you update your wardrobe with a unique accessory or vintage piece that will definitely be a conversation starter. I have found a lot of great pieces at thrift stores especially coats, jackets and blazers and would show more of the items/pieces on the blog onwards.

Create your own designs

Explore your creative side by creating your own unique pieces either by sewing or knitting or crafting. I do not know how to sew very well but I love to draw sketches and have brought some of my designs to life by meeting with a seamstress. Your designed product either a fashion piece or accessory might cost more to make or produce if you do it yourself or use a seamstress but at the end of the day, you'll get a very unique piece for your closet and you'll also feel happy and satisfied.
What other ideas do you have for adding unique items to your closet?

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