Thursday, December 27, 2018

How to put together an affordable, glamorous Party Look

So, there is an age we get to when a simple party dress is just not enough or there are some parties we go to where we need something much more than a dress and a clutch and that is what I am talking about in this post. Right now, I'm thinking of a glamorous, big party which can be in most times a wedding or a birthday party but for the sake of this season, let's think end-of-year parties. I purchased this beaded sheath dress from T. J. Maxx a couple of years ago and have worn it to events accessorized with a clutch and a simple pair of shoes. I styled the dress previously with simple accessories because I wanted the beads and sequins at the front to be the statement detail. This season however, I decided to style the dress in a more glamorous way by accessorizing with statement pieces. My earrings ae statement pieces in a very bold yellow color, my satin pumps are embellished with rhinestone details and my statement faux fur stole and satin clutch add more drama to the look. They usually say "less is more" but I tell you, if you have a very big event to celebrate as a host or to attend as a guest, you can definitely do statement pieces and accessories.

To achieve the look, you do not have to spend money on one piece like a dress that you'll only wear once and do not want to repeat in most cases. Instead, get an affordable quality dress that is below $50 dollars or $100 as your budget may be and style the dress with equally affordable but statement pieces that would elevate the look. When you spend money on great accessories, you can pair them with other pieces in your closet for other events. Also, there is a few pieces as glamorous as a faux fur collar or shawl. I love faux fur shawls and collars for dressing up my looks during the holiday season and they are very affordable too so long as they are not real animal fur. For less than $25, you can get a good faux fur stole from Amazon. With this look, I'm ready for any holiday party that is left to celebrate this year or in the new year. I hope you had a great Christmas celebration. Thank you so much for reading.

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Dress                    Dress                 Dress


                                           Dress                            Dress                   Dress


Clutch                    Pumps                     Earrings


                                   Satin Pumps                     Slingback               Earrings

                              Faux fur Collar                Faux fur Shawl            Faux fur Stole


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  1. Aww alwas elegant and stunning! The fur wrap looks glamorous!

    The Flower Duet

  2. Aww alwas elegant and stunning! The fur wrap looks glamorous!

    The Flower Duet


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