Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cobalt blue lace dress

So, I attended a friend's Mom's 60th birthday party  a few weeks ago and wore this blue jcrew lace dress. I love the cobalt blue color of and the ruffles at the hem. I just love lace dresses because they can are so versatile. They can be worn to weddings, showers and can be styled as tops. I purchased the dress in a deep purple color too and blogged about it here The red belt was added for a pop of color and I previously styled this dress as a blouse over a long red midi skirt for color-block styling effect somewhere on the blog.

The birthday party had a dress code which was optional;  a "uniform" head-wrap that is a West African cultural, traditional attire. The particular head piece I am wearing here on my dreadlocs is referred to as "Aso-oke." It is a heavy fabric that is usually hand woven and dyed in
different beautiful bright colors used for clothing and head gear. It is worn a lot during celebrations like weddings, birthdays, family re-unions, christenings, funerals and most often, the family, friends or celebrants sell or distribute the fabric to everyone and it is always optional. then, everyone would wear that same fabric in different styles of their choice and then, the entire fashion or collective (same "Aso-oke" fashion) wardrobe is referred to as "Aso-ebi."

Phew! 😅 I feel like I have given you a long lecture on West African fashion. and if you are new to this blog; let me re-introduce myself. My name is Beauty Ojo and I am originally from Nigeria, in West Africa. I felt that I have to show case a bit of my cultural fashion here once a while and you can see another African fashion post here. If you are also interested in seeing more African fashion check out Pinterest. Thanks so much for stopping by.

                                                                     Dress: similar Here
                                                                      Pumps: similar Here
                                                                     Necklace: Here
                                                         Headscarf: (Custom made) shop Here




                  Dress                                     Necklacr


               Aso-oke Headscarf

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