Thursday, January 5, 2017

Teal Coat + white washed Denim

Happy Thursday Everyone. My last post was on getting the colors out during the winter season and this post is just a follow up on that. For this post, I'm putting on very summery pieces; a white button down shirt over a pair of white washed, distressed blue denim pants which somewhat look like white denim in these pics. You definitely would not believe that the temperature was freezing in these pics; maybe because the sun was out but the temperature was about -5*F. It takes less than 30 minutes to get frost bite in such weather but I was not so cold; I was "freezzzing happy!"
Yes, that is what a happy outfit or comfortable outfit can do to your mood. When the weather is all grey, cold and moody, people seem to get depressed and cranky a lot; ask the psychologists; they'll tell you more about this "Cold weather blues." It's always easier to feel merry and happy when the weather is nice and the sun is out; maybe this is the main reason people go to vacation in sunny beautiful places and not snowy Minnesota...😂
Okay, back to this outfit; all I needed to do to transform it from summer to Winter was to throw on my heavy teal color coat with a hood and a pair of suede boots which I have had for like forever; over ten years now...hehehe, weathered and beaten by the snow 😅


                             Teal Coat: Macys (old) /Denim: Loft / Suede boots: old / Bag: Express




So that is it for today's outfit and the styling tip I have for the day is that you never let the cold weather dictate your mood. You can wear summery outfits in the winter and just glam or warm it up with winter accessories like gloves, hats, over the knee boots and warm, cozy coats. When you feel depressed, think happy thoughts. Also, being a Christian woman, I'll take it further and tell you that; "Faith works all the time." So, "Faith" it till you make it! I love you for stopping by here and reading.

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  1. I love white in winter and your outfit is absolutely cool babe!
    Kisses, Paola.
    My Instagram

  2. Happy new year to you Beauty! Fab outfit and I totally agree with not letting the cold weather dictate your mood! There's no reason not to wear white in January if you want to ;p

  3. I Love this look on You. Winter white is so on trend these days and that Teal jacket is one of a kind.


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