Friday, January 8, 2016

Shoe Lovin'

People say "new-year, new-you" and that is totally right. Another catch phrase I like for the new year is; "new-year, new-shoes." I know most ladies would appreciate a new pair of shoes any day, any time; for me however, the excitement of getting a new pair to celebrate the new year is just amazing. This Asos platinum metallic heels went on sale recently and it is a very good alternative to the luxury brand, metallic heels; Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahnik.


If you are interested in getting this pair, check it out at the Asos website here. If you follow my posts on this blog, you will know that I like to share affordable deals here on the blog because I believe that you do not have to splurge and spend so much to look great. Happy new year again.


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                                                                        Beauty Ojo


  1. This is such a nice color.The price is good.

  2. What a classy shoe! Too much gold/platinum is usually a turn off but this shoe screams classy!

  3. Wow, those pumps are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. xx

  4. Wow i love this gold shoes kiss

  5. Thanks a lot ladies; have a blessed weekend.

  6. love your blog started following you and would love it if you could follow back

    1. Thanks; I just followed your blog too.
      Happy new year.

    2. Your welcome, thank u=you and Happy New Year to you too!! :)

  7. The metallic gold is nice. Maybe I'll be bold enough to wear shoes like this some day.

  8. Love the blog! i love affordable fashion more... nice that you share links to affordable fashionable items!

  9. This is so lovlely. Wish I saw this post earlier b4 my birthday. Would have gotten it.
    How u namesake


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