Monday, November 23, 2015

Purple Peplum

I wore this peplum top a few Sundays ago to Church and took these pictures after a long day. I thought afterwards that I should have reserved the top for Sunday after thanksgiving because to tell you the truth; as you might know by now; peplum tops do hide all that belly fat nicely and I plan to indulge in turkey dinners this Thursday. I wish I was able to get this particular one in a grey or black color though then it would have made a great pairing with a pair of culottes and boots for the fall weather.

I got this peplum top from Venus, an online store that sells good quality and affordable clothing. I don't shop with them all the time but they do deliver their store catalogues to my house diligently. To digress, I know most people love digital stuff and online shopping just like I do and would like to do "paperless" anything but I just love fashion catalogues in print and get excited when I get a fashion catalogue in the mail. So, as I was saying, I saw this purple peplum top in a Venus Catalog and I really loved it and I went online and ordered it and the top arrived exactly the way it was shown in the catalog.

Peplum top: Venus
Pants: Loft (old)
Purse & Necklace: Loft

I planned to make this post very short and I am going to sign out right now but I would love to know if anyone remembers or have (has) ever ordered any item from a print (paper) catalogue before. This question does not apply to the Millennials (twentys or under twentys) who would stop by here They certainly would not know what I am talking about. Happy thanksgiving in advance friends; I just wanted to inject some humor


Thanks so much for stopping by

Beauty Ojo


  1. Stunning top. Great pictures.

  2. Loved that peplum top and you look so gorgeous!!

  3. You nailed, Beauty! I love the purple.

  4. Thank-you...:-). Happy thanksgiving

  5. That peplum top looks absolutely gorgeous on you Beauty and the color is so flattering!
    I have ordered from print catologs before LOL it is such a long time ago though. I think online shopping is so much easier LOL

    Enjoy your thanksgiving!

    xx Tamara ChloƩ

  6. I love all sorts of catalogue in the mail too! I'll go online to make the actual order, but for browsing and really taking my time to decide - paper is the only way! Lovely top, i prefer to look at peplums as more waist defining that pooch-hiding!

    1. Yeah, you are so right Neo; peplum tops really do give the waist some definition.

  7. Purple I'm any shade is just a sweet color. You are looking fab. I really like how you paired it with floral print heels.

  8. Thanks Friends for your thoughts and comments...:-). **Kisses**

  9. I love the richness of that looks so great! Great idea about the peplum after Thanksgiving....I need to pull out my tops, lol.

  10. Luv the top, luv the shoes. I didn't know venus sold clothing items as well.

  11. I really like the top. The gold looks great with the purple!

    7% Solution

  12. You look beautiful in your outfit dear. I love peplum tops, and the purple suits you perfectly! Btw, your hair style is amazing :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a fabulous week ahead<3


    "Health & Beauty"

  13. that shade of purple is so rich and so pretty!


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