Monday, February 23, 2015

Oversized Winter Whites..

I'm back again with an outfit I wore this past weekend; all white everything; winter whites that is. Winter whites do not have to be real white or pure whites pieces so cream color pieces are okay for this look. I also created a Polyvore collage on it here. It is a look I have been wanting to recreate for a while now especially the oversized camel color coat. I scored this one from my favorite consignment store yet again and it is different from the one I wore in this post. I'm glad I did not have to spend a ton on winter coats this season.

As you can see every item in this look is oversized and baggy even down to my chunky booties which I really do not wear often. I wore the black color pair here and a better look of this pair here. It's all sold out now and one thing I love about the booties is that the animal print lapels can be turned up to create a total different look; talk about some versatile pair of booties. Now, I'm looking to recreate all the other winter whites outfits in the polyvore collage.



Hat: Target
Sweater: Victorias secret
Cords: T. J. Maxx
Booties: Victorias secret
Camel color coat: Consignment store

It is still cold and freezing over here in the twin cities and we are doing our best to stay warm and fabulous...:-). I wish you all a blessed week. I'll be back with a styling post soon and this time, it is sports related. Watch out!!..:-).

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  1. Very weather appropriate

  2. Beautiful! I love the coat and the booties. You look amazing, Beauty. Keep doing what you are doing.

  3. I am in love with the camel coat!!!

  4. Beautiful coat and perfect combo with the entire outfit! Stylish and comfy winter outfit!

  5. You're so stylish! I love cream whites as it gives that softer feel, and that coat is awesome :)

  6. Winter White suits you very beautiful ,i love the fantastic Photos :)


  7. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful look. I am in love with your coat and hat!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  8. Beautiful pictures, it is so interesting to see winter pictures when it is summer here. I love the camel coloured coat. I have been looking for one that colour for years, my sister has a lovely one which I like to borrow.

  9. Amazing look! Beautiful coat! =D

    NEW POST on


  10. Hey dear, you can sell your items on to any location of your choice.

  11. Beauty, you look great in white and I love the pop of color from that pretty red hat, too! Have a wonderful weekend... :)

  12. Love love your coat, you look great. Thank you for the wonderful comment. xx

  13. Your coat is super gorgeous! Love how you styled it with the cream and white. Great balance

  14. Hello, long time no see!
    I love your long coat, you look amazing in it!
    I am fine & you? I hope you & your family are well. Happy new year! xx :)

    1. Oh My!! So good to see you here and I'm glad you are back in Blogsville!

  15. I love this look! I really want to invest in a nice trench coat even though we don't get too much cold in Florida. Love the hat too!


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