Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lace in the Shadows...

I am back and I am excited! I took an unplanned break from the blog for a few days but photo sharing never really stopped because I was busy on my instagram; @beautyojo. Can you believe the year is almost ended? My oh my! Thanksgiving and Christmas is just around the corner. Well, the celebration has started at this end. I had a party last Saturday to celebrate my birthday and it was loads of fun. My friends went far and beyond to make the party so much fun and I am so grateful.

This JCrew lace dress is what I wore for my party and this dress almost never happened because it arrived Friday night after I made an overnight express purchase on Thursday. I had one of those "Aha" moment when I looked in my closet days before making the purchase but could not find anything to wear for my party. I mean, my closet is full to the brim and yet; I could not put an outfit together! Thank God this dress made it on time. I actually bought the dress, necklace, earrings and belt in one purchase and thankfully, JCrew had a sale going on; the shoes are old though; I got them from DSW years ago. I got the glitter belt for $11 from the JCrew girls' department and I checked again a few days ago but it's all sold out. I must have gotten the last piece and I am glad I got it because it did add some bling to the dress.


Dress: J Crew
Jewelry: Jcrew
Sandals:(old)  DSW
belt: Jcew

I apologize for the shadows in the pictures; I waited for hours for the sun to go down so I could take some pictures on my front porch but it stayed up even late in the evening so, I asked my son to take the pictures anyway and decided to include the shadows in the title of the blog post; kind of the old saying; "when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade."

                                                                  Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                               Beauty Ojo


  1. That dress is really cute! You look great. Happy belated birthday, Beauty! :) x

  2. Very nice lace dress, elegant and chic!

  3. simple yet beautiful is the word. You look really great...Happy bday in arrears once again. May God bless you with long life and goodhealth

    1. Awwww; thanks a lot for the sweet comment.
      Have a great weekend.

  4. classy all the way :-) happy weekend to ya

    1. Thanks Destiny; have a wonderful weekend too **Kisses**

  5. I am glad to hear that you had a wonderful birthday party. That dress is so pretty and I love that you added the glittery belt to it.

    P.S. We are hosting our Christmas card exchange again this year and hope you can join. The post is up on our blog right now but to join all you need to do is email us your mailing info.

  6. cute dress dear!
    new post:

  7. Happy birthday in arrears Beauty. I love your dress, so simple yet so beautiful. xx

  8. Beauty you look stunning in those photos and I think the shadows give them a nice effect. I too am a bit stunned that the end of the year is here. I'm going to my best to not get caught up in the madness. I'm loving your Instagram posts. Keep them coming :)

  9. You do look stunning. And I like the idea of shopping in the girls department for a belt! Perfect.

  10. Thanks a lot for your sweet comments...:-)

  11. I love both the dress and the shoes. Beautiful!


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